Mother's Day Plant Poem
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Mother’s Day Plant

Petals unfurl,
Soft as a curl.
Green leaves wave,
In mom's enclave.

Gift of life,
Cutting strife.
Blooms stand tall,
Grace her hall.

Morning dew,
On leaves anew.
Sunlight's dance,
Nature's trance.

Roots grip tight,
Through day and night.
Forever there,
Mom's loving care.
Soft sunlight on the delicate plant
Soft sunlight on the delicate plant


“Mother’s Day Plant” is a delicate celebration of the enduring and nurturing love of a mother, likened to the continuous growth and resilience of a plant. Each stanza unfolds an element of nature, reflecting the qualities of maternal care: gentle yet steadfast, and beautifully omnipresent in everyday life. The poem’s short lines underscore the simple, yet profound presence of a mother’s love.

A recitation of the poem is here.

Inspiration Behind

When I wrote this poem, I pictured a small, resilient plant growing steadfastly in a cozy corner of a loving home. It’s a gift that keeps giving—much like a mother’s love, blooming in all conditions. The imagery of morning dew and sunlight’s dance were inspired by those quiet, early hours I’ve observed in many gardens, which always seem reflective of a mother’s tender and patient nurturing.

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