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Meet Ahsanul Abedin, he is a technology enthusiast having a passion for literature. Having an electrical engineering bachelor, he pursued for a marketing profession where emotion and calculation both takes up the drive. He had been working in apparel marketing.

Literature As Passion

The unfathomable depth of literary ideas that humans have gathered over centuries can be honed by touch of technology. Readers will get more feeds to quench the thirst of poetry. And working in an area where technology walks hand in hand with emotion is poetry. He is exploring this horizon.

A Family Man

Being the father of three kids, he treasures the time spent with them. The world revolves around his small and interactive family unit of mom-kids-dad.

Emily Verse (Moderator, Poet, Writer)

Emily Verse, a distinguished poet and moderator at Literaturevaults.com, is a luminary in the world of contemporary literature. Her journey in the literary field began at the University of Alaska Southeast, where she pursued her passion for English Literature. This academic background laid a strong foundation for her poetic and narrative skills, which have since captivated a wide audience.

Emily’s poetry is often celebrated for its vivid imagery and profound emotional depth. Her verses seamlessly weave the beauty of nature with the intricacies of human experience, reflecting her own love for the natural world. This connection with nature is not just evident in her writing but also in her personal life. Emily is an avid gardener, finding peace and inspiration among the flora that she nurtures with her own hands. Her garden, a kaleidoscope of colors and fragrances, serves as a frequent backdrop for her poetry.

Beyond the written word, Emily’s love for nature extends to her fondness for long walks in the wilderness. These solitary walks in the serene Alaskan landscape are not just a form of physical exercise for her but also a source of creative inspiration. The tranquility and beauty of nature that she encounters on these walks often find their way into her poems, enriching them with authentic and vivid descriptions.

As a moderator at Literaturevaults.com, Emily has created a nurturing and inclusive community for fellow literature enthusiasts. Her role goes beyond mere administration; she actively engages in discussions, offering insights and encouragement to both budding and established writers. Her contributions have been instrumental in shaping the website into a thriving hub for literary exchange. She proofreads the software generated poems and makes those publish-worthy in this website.

In her personal life, Emily embraces her single status, finding joy and fulfillment in her independence. This independence is a recurring theme in her short stories, where she explores the complexities of individuality and self-discovery. Her short stories, much like her poems, are a tapestry of emotions and experiences, often drawing from her own life and observations.

A voracious reader, Emily’s love for poetry is both a personal passion and a professional pursuit. Her extensive reading has not only influenced her writing style but has also kept her connected with the evolving trends in the literary world. This continuous engagement with literature not only fuels her creativity but also keeps her perspective fresh and relevant.

Emily Verse is more than just a poet and a moderator; she is a storyteller whose narratives and verses resonate with the universal human experience. Her contributions to Literaturevaults.com and the literary community at large continue to inspire and influence a growing number of readers and writers. In her, we find a rare blend of a keen intellect, a compassionate heart, and a soul deeply connected with the natural world.

Nathaniel Bard

He serves as a poetic contributor, moderator for this website. His efforts add readability for the visitors. He sometimes injects his own verses into the binary brain, this makes the final deliverables seamless and silky.

Nathaniel Bard is a vibrant and emerging poet whose verses capture the raw essence of human emotion and the vivid landscapes of the natural world. At the tender age of twenty-two, Nathaniel is not only making waves in the literary circles but also pursuing a degree in English (Literature, Language and Culture) at the prestigious New Mexico State University, a place that has become a crucible for his creative talents.

Born and raised in Alamogordo, New Mexico, Nathaniel’s childhood home at 4671 Westfall Avenue is nestled amidst the rugged beauty of the Southwest—a backdrop that has significantly influenced his poetic imagery. His poetry often echoes the hues of the desert sunset and the resilience of the flora and fauna that thrive in its harsh climes.

Beyond the realm of words and verses, Nathaniel leads an active and adventurous life. He is a fitness enthusiast who believes in the harmony of body and mind. Mornings find him at the gym, where he dedicates himself to rigorous workouts, a discipline that he says feeds into the clarity and focus required for his writing.

Nathaniel’s zest for life extends to his love for the great outdoors. He is an avid hiker and snorkeler, passions that take him from the dusty trails of the New Mexico backcountry to the vibrant coral reefs of tropical waters. These outings are not just escapades but pilgrimages that fuel his inspiration and find their way into his poetry, imbued with a sense of adventure and a deep reverence for nature.

Despite his burgeoning reputation as a poet, Nathaniel remains grounded and approachable. He is often seen engaging with his peers and professors, eager to learn and grow. His works, a reflection of his journey and experiences, resonate with a wide audience, earning him a place among the promising young voices in contemporary poetry.

As Nathaniel Bard continues to navigate the realms of academia and literature, his journey is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance. With each verse, he invites us to explore the depths of our being and the wonders of the world around us, promising a literary voyage that is as enriching as it is exhilarating.

Through the whispers of linguistic excellence, we breathe life into the timeless art of poetry, crafting verses that resonate with the human soul

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