Poem About the Seasons

Poem About the Seasons

In Spring’s cradle, life begins,
With verdant leaves and floral grins.
Rain’s soft patter on fertile ground,
Nature’s orchestra, a symphony of sound.

Then comes Summer with her ardent kiss,
Long days of bliss, the sun’s sweet hiss.
Fields of gold, and azure skies,
Children’s laughter, fireflies.

Autumn arrives on a gust, a swirl,
Her canvas a cascade of ruby and pearl.
Harvest’s bounty, a cool retreat,
A prelude to winter, bittersweet.

Winter whispers in a shawl of white,
A silent world, in the still of night.
Fires burn against the cold,
Stories told, and hands to hold.
Amazing season


Poem About the Seasons” is a journey through the cyclical dance of the year, capturing the essence and emotions unique to spring, summer, autumn, and winter. It reflects the natural progression of time and the varying moods of each season, from the rebirth of spring to the introspective chill of winter.

Inspirations Behind

I was moved by the eternal cycle of the seasons, each with its own beauty and narrative. The transition from one to the next speaks to the resilience and adaptability of life. This poem is a tribute to the seasons’ perpetual promise of change and the varied tapestry they weave in our lives.

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