World Asthma Day Poem

World Asthma Day

In breaths shallow, the struggle lies,
A wheeze that echoes through the sighs.
Today we gather, share the plight,
Lighting hope in chests held tight.

Air, a gift, for all the same,
Yet some grasp it like a flame.
Awareness blooms in streets and halls,
With posters bright on every wall.

Each puff, a step, to calm the fears,
Programs teach through all the years.
From young to old, the message clear:
Inhale the future, exhale the fear.

Together strong, our voices rise,
Above the storms, beneath the skies.
Asthma's grip shall loosen its bind,
On World Asthma Day, we breathe aligned.
A young child using an inhaler
A young child using an inhaler
Elderly people participating in a breathing exercise class
Elderly people participating in a breathing exercise class


World Asthma Day poem is a call to action and solidarity, focusing on the everyday challenges faced by those with asthma and the communal efforts to alleviate their suffering. The poem highlights the importance of education, awareness, and support, portraying asthma not just as an individual battle but a collective journey towards a breathable future.

Inspiration Behind

I thought about the resilience of those who live with asthma, how every breath they take is a victory. This inspired me to write a poem that not only sheds light on their struggles but also celebrates the support systems that make their lives easier. Imagining communities coming together, spreading knowledge and care, really fueled my creative process.

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