April June and November poem
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April, June, and November

In April's wake,
Showers shake,
Buds awake.

June's glow,
Fields bestow,
Rivers flow.

November's sigh,
Leaves fly,
Skies cry.

Spring's cheer,
Summer's spear,
Autumn's tear.

April's grace,
June's embrace,
November's trace.

Dance, decline,
Seasons align,
Time's fine wine.
April's gentle rain over blossom
April’s gentle rain over blossom
June's abundance in summer's warmth and fertility
June’s abundance in summer’s warmth and fertility
Quiet beauty of autumn's decline in November
Quiet beauty of autumn’s decline in November


This poem encapsulates the distinct essence and transition between April, June, and November, portraying the cyclical beauty of nature through the seasons. It starts with the rejuvenating showers of April that awaken the slumbering buds, transitions into the abundant warmth of June with its flourishing fields and rivers, and culminates in the melancholic beauty of November as leaves depart and skies weep. Each stanza not only represents the physical transformations but also symbolizes the cycle of life, growth, and eventual decline, alluding to the broader, perpetual motion of time and nature.

Inspiration Behind

I imagined myself strolling through a year as if it were a vast, open field, with each step taking me from spring to summer, then into the arms of autumn. April brought the promise of renewal, June, the zenith of life’s parade, and November, the quietude before winter’s slumber. This journey felt like a dance with time itself, where every step and turn revealed the delicate balance between growth and decay, joy and melancholy, creating a beautiful, never-ending cycle that I yearned to capture in verse.

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