30 days has September April June and November poem
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30 Days Has September, April, June, and November

In September’s playful breeze,
Leaves perform their twirling dance.
April showers, cheeky tease,
Nurture May’s first blooming glance.

June arrives with sunlit grace,
Warming earth with gentle glow.
November’s chill, a brisk embrace,
Prepares for winter’s soft snow.

Each month, a unique tale to tell,
Of 30 days, neatly strung.
In their charm, we gladly dwell,
Songs of time, unsung.

These months, in their brief stay,
Whisk us through the year.
In laughter and in play,
We find our joy here.
April's Shower
April’s Shower
June’s Warming Grace
June’s Warming Grace
September’s Playful Breeze
September’s Playful Breeze
November’s Brisk Embrace of Winter
November’s Brisk Embrace of Winter


This poem captures the distinct essence and joy found within the months of September, April, June, and November, each with thirty days. Through short, playful lines, it illustrates the natural beauty and transitions that each of these months brings, from the turning leaves of September to the preparatory chill of November. The verses highlight a cycle of renewal and celebration, encouraging an appreciation for the simple, joyful moments that mark our passage through time.

Inspiration Behind

I imagined the months as characters, each with their own personality, contributing to the year’s narrative with their unique traits. September, with its playful breeze and twirling leaves; April, the cheeky teaser nurturing new life; June, radiating warmth and grace; and November, with its brisk, chilly embrace, setting the stage for winter. These vivid characters inspired me to craft a poem that finds fun and joy in the passage of time, embracing the uniqueness of each month.

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