Bitter Strawberries Poem
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Bitter Strawberries

Ripe rouge, yet not as sweet,
Tartness where sugar should meet.
In fields of green, they stand alone,
Juice of sorrow, the seeds sown.

Tendrils reach, the sun to spurn,
Berries blush, with sourness churn.
Harvest of the heart, so bittersweet,
Fruitful yield, but not a treat.

Each bite, a tale of unripe dreams,
In every chew, a silent scream.
Nature's rubies, fair in deceit,
Promises of nectar, ended in defeat.

Beneath the leaves, the truth resides,
Even strawberries can harbor lies.
For every pleasure, a hidden cost,
In bitter fruit, innocence lost.
Single strawberry half-hidden under a leaf against a cloudy sky
Single strawberry half-hidden under a leaf against a cloudy sky
A hand holding a strawberry
A hand holding a strawberry


Bitter Strawberries poem speaks of expectations clashing with reality. The strawberries symbolize life’s moments that promise sweetness but deliver a sharp, unexpected sourness. The bitter taste parallels the disappointment we feel when something we anticipate eagerly turns out to be less than what we hoped for. Each line is a reflection on how even the most beautiful and promising aspects of life can sometimes mislead us, leaving a poignant reminder to look beneath the surface.

Inspiration Behind

As I wrote this poem, I imagined walking through a lush garden, full of vibrant fruits that promised sweetness. The surprise of a bitter strawberry struck a chord with me. It was like the pang of a dream that didn’t come true, or the sting of a reality that fell short of its glossy fa├žade. I thought about how we all face these moments and how they shape us, forging our understanding of the world around us through their stark honesty.

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