Strawberry Moon Poems
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Strawberry Moon Poems

Strawberry Moon

Above, the sky dons her rouge,
A blush that night cannot subdue.
Silent orb, in June’s sweet bloom,
Casting forth her strawberry gloom.

Tides swell under crimson light,
Crests of waves catch fire at night.
Lovers' glances softly commune
Under the watchful strawberry moon.

Fields asleep in silver hues,
Draped in midnight's crimson muse.
Fleeting guest, gone too soon,
Wishes cast on strawberry moon.

She wanes and waxes, shifts and swoons,
A berry ripe in night's cocoon.
For one sweet eve, she crowns the dune,
Queen of dark, the strawberry moon.
A loving couple under the enchanting Strawberry Moon
A loving couple under the enchanting Strawberry Moon
Strawberry moon's crimson glow over a field of ripe strawberries
Strawberry moon’s crimson glow over a field of ripe strawberries


“Strawberry Moon” is a poetic tribute to the full moon of June, often called the Strawberry Moon. The poem captures the moon’s mesmerizing presence and the subtle influence it exerts over the night’s realm. The imagery evokes a sense of enchantment as the moon’s crimson glow bathes the world in a warm, gentle light, inspiring romance, reflection, and the quiet appreciation of a transient spectacle that graces the night sky.

Inspiration Behind

As I wrote “Strawberry Moon,” I visualized the serene and majestic rise of June’s full moon. I pictured its reflection on a calm sea and the way it seemed to command the night sky. The moon’s delicate red tint reminded me of strawberries, a fruit that peaks in the same season, and I felt moved by the harmony between the celestial and the earthly, each marking the passage of time in their unique rhythms.

Lunar Blush

Strawberry moon, a gentle sigh,
Crimson brushed across the sky.
Silhouettes dance, to nature's tune,
Beneath the glow of strawberry moon.

Night's curtain, with grace unfurled,
A hint of summer in the world.
Faint aroma, sweetly maroon,
Perfumes the air, strawberry moon.

Celestial artist, strokes so fine,
Paints in shades of ruby wine.
Nocturnal bloom, in night’s cocoon,
Flourishes bright, the strawberry moon.

In its light, secrets bloom,
Tales spun in the loom.
Earth adorned, in rare festoon,
Under the spell of strawberry moon.
The strawberry moon's reflection on a serene lake
The strawberry moon’s reflection on a serene lake
A peaceful town bathed in the gentle red light of the strawberry moon
A peaceful town bathed in the gentle red light of the strawberry moon


This poem is an ode to the beauty and the subtle influences of the strawberry moon. Each stanza captures a different aspect of the moon’s influence on the earth, from the way it guides the dance of silhouettes to its role as a nocturnal artist, painting the sky with strokes of ruby wine. The poem conveys the magical presence of this lunar event, which perfumes the night with hints of an impending summer and weaves tales in its light.

Inspiration Behind

While penning this poem, I envisioned the summer night sky as a canvas and the strawberry moon as an artist’s final stroke. I felt enveloped in the moon’s gentle radiance, which seemed to cast the world in a softer, more tender light. It was as if the moon itself was sharing secrets, telling stories, and wrapping the earth in a rare kind of beauty.

End Words

The Strawberry Moon Poems use poetic metaphor across the verses, reflecting on the quieter moments of introspection and the subtle, natural beauty that accompanies the changing seasons. It stands as a gentle reminder of the cyclical nature of life, where every phase, though fleeting, has its own allure and significance. These poems seek to capture the soft glow of this lunar occurrence, inviting a contemplative appreciation for the ephemerality of moments that, like the moon’s monthly transformation, come and go with a quiet grace.

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