Buddy Poppy Poem
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Buddy Poppy

Crimson whispers on fields wide,
Where heroes sleep, dreams coincide.
Tiny blooms in hallowed ground,
Silent stories, valor bound.

Threads of bravery, woven tight,
In petals red, through darkest night.
A symbol small, in daylight's grip,
Honors those on eternal trip.

Beneath the sun, beneath the stars,
Buddy Poppies near and far,
Whisper thanks in silent prayer,
For those who left their stories there.
A moment of remembrance and reflection for the VFWs
A moment of remembrance and reflection for the VFWs
A vibrant red poppy
A vibrant red poppy stands in the center of a lush, green battlefield under a bright sky, a symbol of remembrance and honor for fallen soldiers


“Buddy Poppy” is a short, evocative poem that captures the essence of remembrance and honor for fallen soldiers through the symbol of a poppy. Each line is crafted to evoke imagery of the fields where soldiers lie in eternal rest, with the red poppies standing as vibrant reminders of their sacrifice. The poem speaks to the collective gratitude of the living, acknowledging the heavy price of freedom and peace, symbolized by the poppy’s enduring bloom.

Inspiration Behind

I was moved by the deep symbolism of the Buddy Poppy, representing both the beauty and the sorrow of sacrifice. As I wrote this poem, I envisioned the endless fields touched by war, now quiet, where each poppy stands as a testament to bravery and loss. The idea that something as delicate as a poppy could carry such a weight of memory and respect stirred me. I aimed to weave together the contrasts – the vibrant life of the poppy against the solemn backdrop of remembrance.

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