Roses from Heaven Poem
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Roses from Heaven

In gardens where celestial beams softly lay,
Beneath skies of velvet, draped in Milky Way,
There bloom the roses from heaven's own gate,
Tinged with hues from an angel's palette state.

Crimson folds kiss the morning's gentle light,
Bathed in dew, they stand, pure and bright.
Petals unfold, a ballet in slow motion,
Each move a verse, each turn an emotion.

From celestial realms, these blossoms descend,
With fragrances of paradise that blend and mend.
They speak in colors, vibrant and deep,
Guarding dreams while the world's asleep.

In every petal, a story untold,
Of love, of courage, of spirits bold.
Roses from heaven, in beauty, they reign,
A reminder of joy, transcending pain.
Celestial roses bloom under a starlit sky
Celestial roses bloom under a starlit sky


“Roses from Heaven” is an ode to the ethereal beauty and symbolic richness of roses, portraying them as gifts from the divine, embodying the intersection of celestial purity and earthly passion. This poem explores the roses’ transcendent qualities—how they capture light, dance with the wind, and exude fragrances that recall the very essence of paradise. Through vivid imagery, it suggests that these blooms hold stories and emotions within their folds, symbolizing the complex tapestry of human experiences—love, courage, and resilience.

A rose basks in the warm glow of the rising sun at morning
A rose basks in the warm glow of the rising sun at morning

Inspiration Behind

I was struck by the delicate balance roses maintain between celestial beauty and earthly presence. They seemed to me like messengers from another realm, carrying tales of love and perseverance. As I penned each line, I imagined these roses blooming under a starlit sky, their colors vibrant against the night. Their fragrance was a bridge between worlds, and their unfolding petals a dance that narrates the universe’s most profound stories. This poem is a tribute to their unspoken poetry, a celebration of their ability to inspire joy and reflection in our lives.

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