Cherry-Ripe Poem
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Cherry-red in morning sun,
Sugared lips, season begun.
Tiny orbs on tender boughs,
Gentle picks, my basket bows.

Juice that stains the eager hands,
Ripened jewels from summer's lands.
Under leaves, a hidden hue,
Rustic charms and flavors true.

Not a secret kept beneath,
Just sweet bounty to bequeath.
Each bite a burst of sunny ray,
In the lap of August day.

Come taste this simple, merry cheer,
In each cherry, joy appears.
Nature's candy, plump and prime,
In the fullness of their time.
Lush green leaves and branches heavy with ripe, red cherries
Lush green leaves and branches heavy with ripe, red cherries
Freshly picked ripe cherries
Freshly picked ripe cherries


Cherry-Ripe poem captures the essence of summer through the simple yet vibrant imagery of cherries. The poem highlights the joy and abundance found in nature, celebrating the tactile and sensory pleasures of harvesting and eating cherries. The imagery suggests a connection to the earth and the cycles of growth, reflecting on the fleeting yet recurring pleasures of seasonal fruits.

Inspiration Behind

I penned this under the cool shade of an old cherry tree in my backyard, inspired by the dance of light through its leaves and the delightful sight of ripe cherries ready for picking. Each line flowed easily, mirroring the effortless beauty of nature’s gifts. These cherries reminded me of childhood summers, filled with laughter and the sweet, sticky faces of friendship and joy.

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