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Friends for a Season Poem

Friends for a Season

In spring’s bright bloom we laughed aloud,
Two hearts in rhythm, free and proud.
We danced 'neath cherry blossoms’ rain,
In fleeting moments, sweet and fain.

The summer sun then shared our joy,
With golden days we'd both employ
To etch our names in sand and time,
A season’s pact in youthful prime.

When autumn leaves began their fall,
Our shadows stretched, a silent call.
We parted ways with whispered sighs,
Underneath the amber skies.

In winter's chill, alone I stand,
With memories of a season’s band.
Our friendship like the seasons passed,
In transient beauty, not to last.


Friends for a Season Poem captures the ephemeral nature of some friendships, paralleling the fleeting yet profound beauty of the changing seasons. It’s a recognition of the joy and sorrow in the temporary bonds we form.

Inspirations Behind

As I penned this poem, I felt the echoes of friendships that were as intense as they were brief. They blossomed quickly like spring flowers, shone brightly like the summer sun, faded with the fall leaves, and eventually became a quiet part of my winter memories.

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