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A Reason A Season or A Lifetime Poem

Reason, Season, or a Lifetime

People come like springtime showers,
Bringing growth to dormant flowers.
Some, for reasons that unfold,
Like chapters in a story told.

Others stay, a season’s length,
In summer’s warmth or autumn's strength.
They shape our days, then drift away,
Like leaves that in the breezes sway.

Then there are those, through thick and thin,
Who, like winter, settle in.
In the lifetime's book, they claim a part,
Etching memories upon the heart.
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Reason, Season, or a Lifetime Poem reflects on the transient and lasting relationships in our lives. Some people enter our lives for a specific purpose, leaving once it is fulfilled. Others stay for a period, influencing us in various ways during a particular season of our existence. And then, there are those rare, enduring connections that last a lifetime, deeply ingrained in the fabric of our being.

Inspirations Behind

I was moved by the way our human connections mirror the ephemerality and permanence of the seasons. The transient nature of some interactions is contrasted with those that endure, much like the fleeting life of a leaf compared to the steadfastness of a tree. This contemplation of the roles people play in the grand tapestry of our lives led to the creation of this poem.

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