Funny Poems About Springtime

Funny Poems About Springtime

The Comedy of Spring

When Spring tiptoes in, quite unseen,
She's a mischievous queen, bold and keen.
With a wink and a nudge, she paints green,
On trees that were bare, now a verdant screen.

She whispers to flowers, "It's time to wake,"
But some oversleep, for goodness' sake!
Daffodils yawn, then a stretch they take,
While tulips in bed, more snooze time they make.

The birds start chirping, a morning choir,
Their tunes are lofty, but some wires they mire.
A cuckoo sings off-key, in its desire,
Gets booed by the owls, who wish it'd retire.

Bunnies hop out, in a festive spree,
Eggs to hide, but where could they be?
Under the bush or up in the tree?
Some end up lost, a mystery, tee-hee!

The rain comes down, a prankster's jest,
Picnics and plans, it puts to the test.
With sudden sun, it's just a quest,
To see humans scramble, no time to rest.

And so Spring laughs, with flowers in her hair,
At the joyful chaos, everywhere.
She's a season of fun, beyond compare,
A time of renewal, with flair to spare.
Birds started a morning choir


This poem playfully anthropomorphizes Spring as a mischievous character who delights in stirring up the natural world with unexpected and humorous situations. From flowers oversleeping to birds singing off-key and bunnies misplacing their hidden eggs, it captures the light-hearted chaos and joy that accompanies the season’s arrival. It reflects on the unpredictable weather patterns that can disrupt human plans, highlighting Spring’s playful side. The poem celebrates the rejuvenating spirit of Spring, filled with humor and warmth, inviting us to laugh along with the season’s whimsical antics.

Inspirations Behind

As I watched a particularly unpredictable spring day unfold, with sudden rain showers followed by bright sunshine, the whimsical nature of the season struck me. Observing the confused birds, the late-blooming flowers, and the chaotic dance of the wind with the newly sprouted leaves, I was inspired to capture the humorous side of this rejuvenating time. This poem is a reflection of my amusement at Spring’s capacity to surprise and delight us, making even its most frustrating moments something to smile about. It’s a tribute to the season’s lighthearted chaos, a reminder to find joy in the unexpected twists of life.

Final sneezing contest among animals

Springtime Sneezing Contest

In Spring, when the flowers start to bloom,
A curious contest fills the room.
Animals gather from far and wide,
For the Great Springtime Sneezing Contest, with pride.

Mr. Rabbit was first, with a twitch of his nose,
He sniffed at a daisy and struck a pose.
"Achoo!" he sneezed, quite loud and clear,
The other animals clapped and gave a cheer.

Next came Mrs. Squirrel, with a fluffy tail,
She inhaled some pollen, without fail.
"Achoo! Achoo!" not once but twice,
Impressive indeed, the judges thought it nice.

Then waddled in Mr. Duck, so bold and keen,
Ready to show off his sneezing scene.
He took a deep breath, his cheeks went round,
"Achoo!" he sneezed, and fell to the ground!

But the surprise of the day was little Miss Bee,
Who claimed, "Pollen's my friend, it doesn't bother me!"
Yet, as she buzzed near a blooming rose,
She sneezed so hard, she tumbled on her nose.

The contest went on, with sneezes galore,
From the tiniest ant to the mighty wild boar.
Each sneeze was unique, a sight to behold,
In this funny Spring tale, that's now been told.


This delightful poem tells the story of a whimsical sneezing contest held by the animals in spring, highlighting the playful side of the season’s allergy-inducing pollen. Each character’s attempt to sneeze the loudest or most impressively, from Mr. Rabbit’s single “Achoo!” to Mr. Duck’s dramatic fall, showcases the fun and camaraderie among the forest’s inhabitants. It’s a humorous take on how everyone, even animals, might react to the sudden influx of pollen in the air, turning a common springtime nuisance into a source of laughter and community.

A sneezing bunny in spring
A sneezing bunny in spring

Inspirations Behind

Inspired by watching my own children laugh and play on a breezy spring day, full of sneezes thanks to the pollen, I imagined a world where animals, too, might find humor in their seasonal predicaments. The idea of a sneezing contest came to me as a fun way to embrace the inevitable part of spring – the allergies – and turn it into something light-hearted and enjoyable. This poem is a reflection of the joy found in simple moments and the laughter that can come from embracing the quirks of the natural world, teaching kids to find fun in every situation, even sneezes!

End Words

“The Comedy of Spring” and “Springtime Sneezing Contest” humorously encapsulate the spirit of spring, blending whimsy with the season’s vibrant renewal. Both poems, through playful narratives and vivid imagery, celebrate the lighter side of nature’s rebirth and the amusing encounters it provokes. The accompanying watercolor illustrations vividly bring these tales to life, emphasizing the joy and laughter inherent in spring’s unpredictable essence. Together, they offer a delightful reminder to revel in the season’s playful charm and the simple joys it unfolds.

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