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Hold My Hand, Mommy

Mommy, hold my hand so tight,
Through sunny days and moonlit night.
Your fingers warm, so big and kind,
In them, the world’s joy I find.

Let’s skip along this leafy path,
Laugh at squirrels and their funny wrath.
Puddles splash and rainbows bend,
With you, my time I love to spend.

Hug me close when stars peep out,
Safe and snug, without a doubt.
Mommy, hold my hand, don’t let go,
In your love, I grow and glow.
Sunny Day Stroll with Mommy
Sunny Day Stroll with Mommy
A child snuggled up to the mother under a starry night
A child snuggled up to the mother under a starry night


Hold My Hand, Mommy poem captures the pure and trusting relationship between a child and their mother, illustrated through the simple act of holding hands. The lines convey a sense of security and joy found in everyday moments, from walking together and playing in nature to feeling safe at night. The child’s perspective emphasizes a deep reliance on maternal love for emotional and physical security.

Inspiration Behind

As I crafted this poem, I imagined a young child looking up at their mother, eyes filled with wonder and trust. Each scene weaves into the next, from sunny walks to starry nights, reflecting the constant presence and comfort a mother provides. I used light-hearted imagery like “squirrels and their funny wrath” to keep the tone playful and relatable for kids.

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