I Am Still Your Mom Poem
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I Am Still Your Mom

Even when you're far from view,
Across the miles, I think of you.
I am still your mom, my dear,
In every laugh, in every tear.

When you're lost, or feeling blue,
My heart sends whispers straight to you.
Though life's storms may try to break,
My love's a shield, make no mistake.

I cheer for you, so loud, so proud,
My love's a song that plays out loud.
Through every challenge, every test,
In my heart, you're always best.

No matter where your dreams may roam,
Remember this, you're not alone.
I am still your mom, it's true,
Forever here, just for you.
Mother cuddling up her baby kid
Mother cuddling up her baby kid
A grown up child far away from mom's sight
A grown up child far away from mom’s sight


I Am Still Your Mom poem explores the enduring and unbreakable bond between a mother and her child, emphasizing that maternal love persists regardless of distance or circumstance. Each stanza reflects a different aspect of this love, from providing emotional support to celebrating the child’s achievements and affirming a constant presence in their life.

Inspiration Behind

As I wrote this poem, I envisioned a mother speaking directly to her child, perhaps one who has grown and moved away. The emotional landscape of a mother’s enduring love, undiminished by time or distance, inspired each line. I wanted to express that a mother’s role and care do not diminish over time but adapt to include encouragement, protection, and unconditional love, always underpinning her child’s life.

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