International Female Ride Day Poems

International Female Ride Day Poems

Roar of Freedom

In cities lit by morning's glow,
Leather-clad dreams start to flow.
Engines hum a fearless tune,
Women riders, sun or moon.

Across the bends, beneath wide skies,
Their roaring hearts in unison rise.
Wind whispers tales of open roads,
Where every mile their strength reloads.

Steel horses sprint, spirits dance,
Each throttle twist sharpens the lance.
Freedom's path, newly paved,
On two wheels, fiercely braved.

Together they ride, a sight to behold,
A sisterhood strong, graceful, bold.
Under the sun's approving light,
They claim the roads, their rightful right.
Coastal Freedom
Coastal Freedom
Female motorcyclists at a mountain overlook during sunset
Female motorcyclists at a mountain overlook during sunset


The poem celebrates International Female Ride Day, capturing the essence of empowerment and camaraderie among female motorcyclists. It highlights the exhilarating sense of freedom that riding offers, portraying it as a moment of both personal and collective triumph. The imagery of morning light and open roads symbolizes new beginnings and the endless possibilities that come with stepping into one’s power.

Inspiration Behind

When I thought about International Female Ride Day, the first image that struck me was a group of women, diverse yet unified, cruising through various landscapes. I imagined the sound of engines, a symbol of strength, and the wide-open roads as canvases for their adventures. Each line in the poem aims to reflect their boldness and the beauty of their journey, emphasizing freedom as both a pursuit and a declaration.

Wheels of Change

Every first May Saturday,
Winds of change begin to sway.
Vicki Gray, with vision clear,
Called to women far and near.

"Just Ride!"—a rallying cry,
Under the wide-open sky.
Since two thousand seven's call,
Worldwide echoes touch us all.

Motorcycles, scooters, trikes,
Freedom on whatever bikes.
Women claim the roads as theirs,
Breaking bounds, riding in pairs.

From city streets to rural paths,
Their presence known, a force that lasts.
Solidarity on every ride,
Empowerment as their guide.
Mountain Road Solo Biking
Mountain Road Solo Biking
A diverse group of women motorcyclists gathered in a city square
A diverse group of women motorcyclists gathered in a city square


The poem honors International Female Ride Day (IFRD), emphasizing its significance as a global event that promotes gender equality in motorcycling. It highlights key details such as its establishment by Vicki Gray in 2007, the annual observance on the first Saturday of May, and the empowering motto “Just Ride!”. The poem reflects the spirit of community and the breaking of traditional barriers, celebrating the strength and enthusiasm of women motorcyclists around the world.

Inspiration Behind

The inspiration came from the powerful story of Vicki Gray and the movement she started to empower female riders. Imagining the vast landscapes filled with groups of women on their bikes, asserting their place in a traditionally male-dominated field, sparked a sense of awe. The poem aims to capture that expansive feeling of freedom and the collective strength that resonates every time these riders take to the roads.

End Words

International Female Ride Day Poems and accompanying paintings celebrate International Female Ride Day, encapsulating the spirit of freedom, empowerment, and camaraderie among women motorcyclists. They highlight the significance of this day, not just in promoting gender equality within the motorcycling community but also in fostering a global sense of unity and strength among women. Through vivid imagery and thoughtful verses, the contributions of women to this exhilarating sport are honored, inspiring continued participation and recognition of their role in this traditionally male-dominated field.

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