Father to be Father's Day Poems
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Father to be Father’s Day Poems

Awaiting Our Miracle

Happy quiet of our home, we dream together,
Of the days to come, bright and full of cheer.
Tiny hands and feet, laughter light as a feather,
You, a father's day hero, year after year.

With each gentle kick, our hearts align,
In this tender journey, love grows even more.
Our little one, a treasure, so pure and divine,
Brings us closer, a bond to the core.

Soon the wait will end, joy will overflow,
A family united, hearts woven tight.
A father you’ll become, radiant and aglow,
Our miracle arrives, bathed in love's light.


This poem celebrates the anticipation and joy a couple feels while awaiting the birth of their first child. It captures the excitement and dreams they share as they prepare to become parents.

Inspiration Behind

I wrote this thinking about the magical moments parents-to-be experience. Small kicks and shared dreams bring them closer. Father’s Day becomes extra special, anticipating the arrival of their little one.

Your Journey Begins

Brother, now your path starts,
Father's day, it's true.
Small hands and loving hearts,
All will look to you.

Diapers and baby cries,
Laughter in the night,
You will see through their eyes,
Life's new, bright light.

Hold your child so near,
Teach them to be kind,
With each hug, know dear,
Love is what you'll find.
Brother's New Journey
Brother’s New Journey


This poem is an encouraging message from a sister to her brother as he becomes a father. It highlights the challenges and joys he will experience on this new journey.

Inspiration Behind

I thought about my own brother stepping into fatherhood. The love, the late-night moments, and the lessons he’ll teach his child. This journey is full of wonder and growth.

A Friend’s Blessing

Father's day awaits,
Your joy will soon grow,
With tiny hands and feet,
Love will overflow.

You'll be the best dad,
Guiding with your heart,
With every laugh and hug,
A brand new start.
Friend's Warm Wishes
Friend’s Warm Wishes


This poem is a heartfelt blessing from a friend to a father-to-be, expressing joy and best wishes for his new journey into fatherhood. It emphasizes the love and joy that will come with his new role.

Inspiration Behind

I wrote this thinking about how friends celebrate each other’s milestones. Seeing a friend become a father is special, and this poem is about wishing him all the best as he embarks on this beautiful journey.

Mom’s Pride and Joy

Father's day is near,
Proud of you, my son.
With love and gentle care,
Your journey's just begun.

You'll be a guiding light,
Kind and strong, so true.
In every child's delight,
They'll see the best in you.
Mom's Pride
Mom’s Pride


This poem expresses a mother’s pride and joy as her son becomes a father. It highlights her confidence in his ability to be a loving and strong parent.

Inspiration Behind

I thought about a mother watching her son step into fatherhood. The pride she feels and the belief she has in his strength and kindness inspired these lines.

From Old Flames to New Beginnings

Father's day is near,
Life's taken a new turn.
May joy and laughter cheer,
As for fatherhood you yearn.

Old flames now set aside,
A new path to tread.
With love as your guide,
Bright days lie ahead.
Wishing Well
Wishing Well


This poem conveys well-wishes from an ex-girlfriend to a father-to-be, highlighting the transition from past relationships to a hopeful and joyful future in fatherhood.

Inspiration Behind

I thought about the grace and goodwill in wishing someone well as they move on to a new chapter in life. This poem reflects the positivity and best wishes for a bright future.

Together, We Grow

Father's day will come,
Our love will expand,
With little laughs and fun,
Together, hand in hand.

In the quiet of the night,
We'll watch our baby sleep,
Heartfelt, pure delight,
Memories to keep.

Through every joy and tear,
We'll stand side by side,
Growing year by year,
In love, so full of pride.
Growing Together
Growing Together


This poem expresses the excitement and anticipation of a current girlfriend as she looks forward to the growth of their love and family. It captures the joys and cherished moments they will share as new parents.

Inspiration Behind

I imagined the beautiful journey of growing a family together. The poem is inspired by the intimate moments and shared experiences that strengthen love and bring joy to a new family.

End Words

These Father to be Father’s Day Poems collectively capture the joy, anticipation, and love surrounding the journey into fatherhood. Whether from a wife, sister, friend, ex-girlfriend, or current girlfriend, each perspective highlights the unique bond and shared hopes for a bright future. They celebrate the heartfelt moments and the new beginnings that come with welcoming a child, reflecting the deep connections and support from loved ones.

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