Last snow poem
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Last Snow

In the waning days of winter's reign,
Falls the last snow, a delicate chain.
Softly it descends, a whispering veil,
Covering the earth, so frail, so pale.

Each flake, a final kiss of the cold,
As the season's story gently unfolds.
Bare branches catch this fleeting grace,
In the dance of the last snow, a tender embrace.

The sun peeks through, a promise of spring,
Melting the memories that snowflakes bring.
A transformation, subtle yet profound,
In the wake of the last snow, new life is found.

The air hums with a silent song,
Of winter's goodbye, and spring's lifelong.
In the last snow, a closing chapter,
A pause before the world bursts into laughter.


Last Snow” is a lyrical depiction of the final snowfall at the end of winter, symbolizing transition and renewal. The poem paints a serene picture of the snowflakes gently covering the earth, bringing a sense of closure to the cold season. It emphasizes the fleeting beauty of this moment and the anticipation of spring’s arrival. The imagery of the sun melting the snow conveys a sense of rebirth and new beginnings. The poem captures the delicate balance between an ending and the promise of new life that follows.

Inspirations Behind

The inspiration for “Last Snow” came from a late winter morning, when I witnessed what seemed to be the final snowfall of the season. The quiet beauty of the snowflakes settling on the dormant world filled me with a sense of nostalgia and hope. This moment represented both an ending and a beginning – the transition from the introspective quiet of winter to the vibrant awakening of spring. I wanted to capture that poignant threshold, the subtle shift from one season to the next, and the emotional resonance it held for me. This poem is a reflection of that experience, an ode to the fleeting yet profound moments that mark the passages of time.

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