Dust of Snow

Dust of Snow

In the whisper of the winter air,
Comes a dance, light and fair,
Dust of snow, from skies above,
Each flake a touch of frozen love.

Gentle drifts on branches lay,
In a delicate, fleeting array,
Nature's grace, soft and fine,
In each speck, a tiny sign.

A world awash in hues of white,
Under the moon's gentle light,
Each crystal glows, a star's descent,
In winter's quiet, a tranquil event.

In this dust of snow, pure and bright,
Lies the magic of the night,
A silent ode to time's slow flow,
In the beauty of the snow's soft glow.


Dust of Snow” captures the ethereal beauty and delicacy of snowflakes as they gently descend upon the world. The poem paints a picture of nature adorned in a fine, white dust, transforming the landscape into a tranquil, moonlit wonderland. Each snowflake is depicted as a symbol of nature’s grace and the magic of winter nights.

Inspirations Behind

While creating “Dust of Snow,” I was inspired by the mesmerizing quality of snowflakes and the way they can transform an entire landscape into a peaceful, white paradise. The gentle fall of snow, almost like dust from the sky, represents the quiet beauty of nature and the slow passage of time, bringing a sense of calm and wonder to the winter season.

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