Mother Alzheimer's Poems

Mother Alzheimer’s Poems

You Are My Kid Now

When you forget my name,
and the days blur by,
I'll hold your trembling hand,
and wipe each tear you cry.

Your eyes search for answers,
in memories that fade,
but I'll be your compass,
in this journey we've made.

I'll sing your favorite songs,
and tuck you in at night,
read stories from your past,
until morning light.

Our roles have now reversed,
as time’s gentle vow,
I’m your guide and guardian,
you are my kid now.
Guiding Hand
Guiding Hand


“You Are My Kid Now” captures the poignant role reversal between a son and his mother suffering from Alzheimer’s. The poem emphasizes the deep love and commitment the son has for his mother, highlighting the tender care he provides as her memories fade.

Inspiration Behind

This poem was inspired by the countless stories of children becoming caregivers for their parents. I thought about the emotional strength and compassion it takes to support a loved one with Alzheimer’s. It’s a heartfelt tribute to the enduring bond between a mother and her child.

Just Be by My Side

When words are lost,
and thoughts unclear,
stay close to me,
quietly near.

My mind may wander,
to places unknown,
but your presence alone,
is comfort shown.

No need for answers,
to questions I ask,
just hold my hand,
a simple task.

Memories may fade,
and moments slide,
but love remains,
so just be by my side.
Quiet Companionship
Quiet Companionship


“Just Be by My Side” expresses the emotional plea of a mother with Alzheimer’s, seeking comfort in the presence of her loved one. It highlights the importance of companionship and the enduring power of love, even when memories fade.

Inspiration Behind

The inspiration for this poem comes from the deep emotional connection between family members dealing with Alzheimer’s. I imagined a mother who, despite her memory loss, finds solace in the simple, loving presence of her child. This poem is a tribute to the unspoken bond that transcends memory.

You Don’t Need to Remember Me

You don’t need to know,
the name I hold,
or recall the stories,
from days of old.

Your smile is enough,
to light my way,
and your gentle touch,
makes brighter the day.

I see your struggle,
the fog in your eyes,
but I’ll stand by you,
through lows and highs.

No need for memories,
for love to be,
I’m here for you,
just stay with me.
Loving Support
Loving Support


“You Don’t Need to Remember Me” highlights a daughter’s unconditional love for her mother with Alzheimer’s. It emphasizes the value of presence and emotional connection over memory, showcasing the daughter’s unwavering support.

Inspiration Behind

The poem was inspired by the powerful bond between mothers and daughters, especially when faced with Alzheimer’s. I thought about the strength and love required to support a parent through memory loss, and how love persists even when memories fade.

End Words

These Mother Alzheimer’s Poems highlight the deep, enduring love between family members facing the challenges of Alzheimer’s. They emphasize the importance of presence and emotional support, illustrating how love persists even when memories fade. Each poem offers a heartfelt glimpse into the strength and compassion required to navigate this difficult journey together.

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