Funny Roses are Red Poems for Best Friend
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Funny Roses are Red Poems for Best Friend

Best Buds Unfurled

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I bought us both pizza,
But ate yours too.

Daisies are white,
The sky often gray,
I borrowed your shirt,
It's mine now, okay?

Sunflowers are tall,
And cacti are prickly,
Our friendship's so strong,
Even when we get sticky.

Lilies are pretty,
And so are you, friend,
But if you steal my coffee,
It's the friendship's end.
Laughter over pizza
Laughter over pizza


This poem takes a light-hearted approach to the ups and downs of friendship, encapsulating moments of mischief, sharing, and the occasional friendly squabble over the small things, like pizza or coffee. It plays with the traditional “Roses are red” format to create humor, suggesting that even in moments of annoyance or cheekiness, the foundation of a strong friendship remains unshaken. It’s a celebration of the quirks that make each friendship unique.

Inspiration Behind

I thought of all the silly moments I’ve shared with friends. The times we argued over food or clothes, but how those moments never really mattered. It’s funny how friendships can be tested over the smallest things, yet grow stronger. I imagined two friends laughing over these lines, remembering their own ridiculous fights and the love underlying all of it. It’s the joy in the little things that inspired me.

Mischief in Bloom

Roses are red,
Cupcakes are sweet,
I hid your shoes,
Good luck in the street.

Tulips are bright,
Your socks don’t match,
I mixed them up,
Now find your batch.

Lavender's calm,
Your phone’s on the roof,
Our friendship’s a sitcom,
We're living proof.

Orchids are rare,
Like you losing a bet,
Remember the time,
You became my pet?
The chaotic sock scramble
The chaotic sock scramble


This poem playfully navigates the humorous, sometimes mischievous aspects of friendship through small, cheeky acts like hiding shoes or mixing up socks. It highlights how these light-hearted pranks contribute to the unique stories and memories shared between friends, likening their dynamic to a sitcom full of laughter, fun, and unexpected twists. Through its verses, the poem celebrates the joy and silliness found in true friendship, emphasizing how these moments become cherished memories that deepen the bond.

Inspiration Behind

As I wrote this, I was reminiscing about all the playful pranks and challenges friends undertake. It’s the laughter after finding shoes on the roof or searching for the right pair of socks that truly defines friendship. These quirky, endearing moments have a way of becoming our most treasured stories, shared over and over again. I wanted to capture the essence of those memories, the unscripted comedy that unfolds in the everyday lives of best friends.

End Words

These poems, with their playful wit and gentle mischief, serve as a cheerful reminder of the joys found in friendship. Through humor and light-hearted pranks, they capture the essence of shared moments and the laughter that bonds us. The accompanying watercolor paintings add a visual delight, further illustrating the warmth and vibrant spirit of these connections. Together, they offer a sweet, amusing perspective on the adventures of companionship, highlighting the importance of laughter and the simple joys that enrich our lives.

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