Obituary Poems for Mother

Obituary Poems for Mother

Silent Goodbye

In the still of dawn,
Her breath faded,
Silent whispers gone,
Love unabated.

Hands once warm,
Now cold and still,
Echoes of her charm,
Memory fills.

Tears gently fall,
Grief’s quiet plea,
Softly I call,
To her, to me.

A void left behind,
Empty and wide,
Comfort we find,
In tears we hide.

Moments we shared,
Now distant dreams,
In silence we cared,
Or so it seems.

Her love, a light,
Shining through tears,
Guiding my night,
Easing my fears.
Eternal Dawn
Eternal Dawn


This poem reflects the profound sorrow and quiet acceptance of losing a mother. It captures the silent, emotional farewell and the deep void left behind, as well as the enduring light of her love.

Inspiration Behind

I wrote this poem thinking of the quiet moments after loss. The stillness, the memories, the unspoken bond. It’s about the silent ways we remember and miss those we’ve loved.

Heartfelt Memories

In laughter and tears,
Moments we shared,
Across the years,
Love always bared.

Hands that held tight,
Warmth of her smile,
Guided my flight,
With her gentle style.

Now in my mind,
Her voice, her cheer,
Comfort I find,
Still feel her near.
Enduring Warmth
Enduring Warmth


This poem cherishes the precious moments and lasting memories of a mother, celebrating the enduring impact of her love and guidance even after her passing.

Inspiration Behind

I thought of how memories keep loved ones close. The small, everyday moments that stay with us. This poem is a tribute to those cherished times with a mother.

Angels’ Welcome

Heaven's gates wide,
She walks inside.

Angels in rows,
Love gently flows.

Peaceful and bright,
Pure, golden light.

Wings softly sing,
Joy they bring.

Smiles all around,
Harmony found.

In heaven's calm,
She finds her balm.
Angelic Welcome
Angelic Welcome


This poem envisions a mother’s serene arrival in heaven, greeted by angels and surrounded by peace and light. It portrays a comforting image of her finding eternal peace.

Inspiration Behind

I wanted to depict a comforting scene of a mother’s transition to heaven. The idea of angels welcoming her with love and light felt soothing and hopeful to me.

Tears of Remembrance

In quiet moments, memories arise,
Her gentle voice, her tender eyes.
The love she gave, a guiding light,
Shines in our hearts, day and night.

Tears of remembrance softly fall,
As we recall her loving call.
Through laughter, sorrow, joy, and pain,
Her presence felt, time and again.

Though she's gone, her spirit stays,
In our hearts, for all our days.
Her love endures, forever bright,
Guiding us through the darkest night.

Enduring Light
Enduring Light


This poem reflects on the enduring love of a mother, cherished in memories that bring both tears and comfort. It emphasizes that her spirit and guidance remain with us always.

Inspiration Behind

I wanted to capture the bittersweet nature of remembering a loved one. The love and memories of a mother are powerful, offering comfort even in her absence.

End Words

Obituary Poems for Mother reflect the quiet, enduring love and memories we hold for a mother who has passed. Each verse captures moments of sorrow, comfort, and the everlasting impact of her presence in our lives, offering solace through heartfelt words and imagery.

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