Poem to My Son from a Single Mom

Poem to My Son from a Single Mom

Late nights, weary eyes,
I watch you sleep,
Dreams of a future,
In my heart, I keep.

No man to call home,
Just us two,
I promise you love,
So deep and true.

Struggles, we face them,
Together, we stand,
I’ll give all I have,
With a steady hand.

Your laughter, my joy,
Your tears, my care,
A life built for you,
With love everywhere.

Plans for tomorrow,
Bright as the sun,
My sacrifices for you,
Will never be done.
Together We Stand
Together We Stand


Poem to My Son from a Single Mom poem captures the heartfelt emotions of a single mother addressing her son. It portrays her struggles, dedication, and unwavering love, highlighting her sacrifices and dreams for his future.

Inspiration Behind

I wrote this thinking about the silent heroes among us – single mothers. They carry so much on their shoulders and give endlessly. Their strength and love inspired every line.

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