Poems About Single Moms
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Poems About Single Moms

Solitary Sunrise

In morning’s quiet,
she stirs—
a single mom,
bracing against the day.

Coffee drips,
a clock ticks,
tiny feet patter—
her world awakes.

Lunches packed,
kisses given,
out the door—
her love, unspoken, vast.

Evening comes,
stories shared,
sleepy eyes close—
she breathes, at last.

Stars twinkle,
in her gaze linger—
dreams of tomorrow,
woven in her steadfast will.
Waking up earlier than the sun
Waking up earlier than the sun
Reading a book to her child at dusk
Reading a book to her child at dusk
Looking out at a starry sky
Looking out at a starry sky


This poem captures the daily rhythm of a single mother’s life, marked by early starts, tireless duties, and the quiet moments in between where she finds space for reflection and hope. Each stanza symbolizes a part of her day, highlighting her resilience and the unspoken love she pours into her responsibilities. The repeated imagery of morning and night reflects the cyclical nature of her challenges and triumphs.

Inspiration Behind

I wanted to portray the essence of a single mother’s day—both its demands and its quieter, more reflective moments. I imagined her mornings, bustling and early, and her evenings, filled with a mix of exhaustion and a satisfying reflection on the day’s accomplishments. The stars at the end symbolize her hopes and dreams, still alive and twinkling, despite the fatigue.

I Am a Single Mom

I rise before the sun,
whispers of light on the horizon.
I am a single mom—
my day begins with hope.

Coffee brews, quiet solitude,
before the morning rush.
Lunch boxes, hurried hugs—
I wear strength as my dress.

Office hours, calls,
smiles hiding tired eyes.
Counting hours till I return,
to where my heart lies.

Homework, dinner,
laughter echoing off walls.
Bedtime stories, tender kisses—
in these moments, my spirit soars.

I fall asleep to dreams,
not of what’s lost, but gained.
I am a single mom—
by love, I am named.
Having a coffee in the morning
Having a coffee in the morning
My workplace
My workplace
The kid finds warmth in the me
The kid finds warmth in the me


This narrative poem from the perspective of a single mother highlights the daily cycles of responsibility and reward in her life. Starting from the quiet dawn and moving through a hectic day back to the peace of night, it underscores her resilience and dedication. Each stanza not only marks a part of her day but also reflects her inner strength and the joy she finds in her role as a mother.

Inspiration Behind

Inspired by the stories of several single mothers, I wanted to express the mix of challenge and fulfillment that defines their everyday lives. The poem narrates a typical day, emphasizing the small, precious moments amidst the overarching demands. The recurring affirmation “I am a single mom” serves as a proud declaration of her identity and the source of her strength.

The Single Mother on the Train

The train rattles on,
its wheels grinding against life’s track.
Amidst the jostle and noise,
a single mother stands—
three children her world,
tethered to her every breath.

One cries for food,
another for a lost toy,
the third just seeks her gaze—
her eyes, deep pools of quiet storm.

Each station a reminder,
of the stops she never takes.
For her, the journey is constant,
through tunnels dark and long.

With each lurch, she steadies,
a hand for each small head.
In her gaze, a flicker—
of dreams deferred, but not dead.

The train pushes onward,
her hope a silent prayer.
For quieter tracks,
and a destination called ‘peace’.
The single mother on the crowded train
The single mother on the crowded train
Eyes of the Storm
Eyes of the Storm


This poem tells the story of a single mother managing her three children on a train ride, a metaphor for the struggles and constant movement in her life. Each stanza introduces another aspect of her journey—her responsibilities, her inner turmoil, and her resilience. The train’s unending journey mirrors her ongoing struggles, yet her hope and strength are evident in how she cares for her children amidst the chaos.

Inspiration Behind

Observing a mother on public transport, trying to keep her children calm and content, sparked the idea for this poem. Her determination amid apparent exhaustion moved me. I imagined her life as a series of relentless challenges, much like a train that doesn’t stop, reflecting on the societal and personal hurdles she faces every day.

End Words

These Poems About Single Moms explore the theme of single motherhood, each portraying different aspects of the everyday challenges and triumphs that single mothers face. Through narratives of daily routines, personal reflections, and public interactions, the poems capture the resilience, strength, and unwavering love these women exhibit. The poetic imagery serves to highlight not only the struggles but also the profound moments of joy and hope that punctuate their lives, offering a nuanced and empathetic portrayal of their journeys.

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