Strong Black Mother poem
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Strong Black Mother

Iron will in every stride,
Roots run deep, they do not hide.
Her voice, a river, clear and bold,
In her stories, wisdom told.

Eyes alight with fierce intent,
Through storms, she's never bent.
Her hands mold futures bright and sure,
Her spirit strong, forever pure.

Legacy of fight and fire,
Lifts her children ever higher.
Pride and power in her frame,
A mother's love, a lasting flame.

Heart of gold, soul of steel,
In her embrace, the world feels real.
Strong black mother, proudly stand,
Love's true queen upon this land.
A source of strength
A source of strength
Teachings of Love
Teachings of Love


Strong Black Mother poem is a tribute to the resilience, courage, and enduring strength of a Black mother, portrayed as a central pillar of support and guidance for her children. The poem uses vivid imagery to convey her robust character and indomitable spirit, symbolized by an iron will and roots that run deep. Her voice is likened to a clear, bold river, suggesting the powerful and inspiring impact of her words and wisdom. Her fierce intent and ability to weather any storm emphasize her role as a protector and nurturer, while her legacy is one of struggle and triumph, uplifting her children to greater heights.

Inspiration Behind

This poem was inspired by the historical and contemporary significance of Black mothers who have often been both the backbone and the heart of their families and communities. It acknowledges the dual nature of their strength and tenderness, recognizing their role in shaping futures through love, discipline, and wisdom. The imagery of a mother whose love burns like a lasting flame and whose soul is as strong as steel was intended to honor the profound and often unsung heroism of these women. The inspiration came from a desire to celebrate the powerful influence and enduring love of Black mothers, whose presence is a transformative force in the lives of their children and their communities.

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