Poems from Mom in Heaven

Poems from Mom in Heaven

Stars in Her Eyes

In the night sky,
Glimmers so bright,
I see your smile,
Shining with light.

Stars form letters,
Messages clear,
"I love you, dear,"
They whisper near.

Twinkles of love,
From up above,
Guiding my way,
Night after day.

Spell out your name,
In their patterns,
You stay the same.

Though you're away,
In heaven's care,
Your light still shines,

When I feel lost,
I look to skies,
And see the stars,
In your eyes.

Celestial Love
Celestial Love


This poem captures a child’s belief that the stars in the night sky are messages of love from their mother in heaven. It illustrates the enduring bond and comfort found in these celestial signs.

Inspiration Behind

I was inspired by the way children find connections to loved ones who have passed away. The night sky can be a canvas for imagination and messages of love, bringing peace and closeness.

Roses in the Rain

Raindrops falling,
Soft and light,
Touching roses,
In the night.

Gentle patter,
On petals red,
Mom's soft touch,
Though she's dead.

Each drop whispers,
Love anew,
In the rain,
I feel you.

Roses glisten,
Tears they shed,
Nature's kiss,
From overhead.

Though you're gone,
Your love remains,
In the roses,
In the rains.

When it rains,
I see your face,
In each drop,
I find grace.

Rainy Remembrance
Rainy Remembrance


This poem captures a child’s feeling of their mother’s touch in the raindrops falling on roses, symbolizing love and remembrance. It highlights the connection felt through nature’s gentle touch.

Inspiration Behind

The inspiration came from the way rain can feel like a gentle caress, reminding us of loved ones who have passed. Roses and rain together symbolize beauty, love, and the enduring presence of a mother’s touch.

Butterflies from Beyond

When butterflies dance through the air,
I feel your presence close to me,
A mother's love beyond compare.

In moments quiet, pure and rare,
Your spirit in their flight, I see,
When butterflies dance through the air.

Their colors bright, their wings so fair,
A sign from you, so wild and free,
A mother's love beyond compare.

They come to show you truly care,
In every flutter, joyfully,
When butterflies dance through the air.

On gentle breezes, here and there,
A touch of you in their decree,
A mother's love beyond compare.

In every fluttering pair,
A message sent for me to see,
When butterflies dance through the air,
A mother's love beyond compare.
Heaven's Messengers
Heaven’s Messengers


This poem captures the belief that the appearance of butterflies during significant moments is a way a mother shows her presence and love from beyond, symbolizing a continuous connection.

Inspiration Behind

I was inspired by the symbolism of butterflies and how they are often seen as messengers from loved ones. Their delicate beauty and sudden appearances can bring comfort and a sense of connection.

Messages in Dreams

In dreams you come, so soft and bright,
Guiding me gently through the night.
Your words of love, your wisdom clear,
In your voice, I still hear.

Comfort found in your gentle grace,
Seeing you in that special place.
Moments shared, once again,
In dreams' realm, easing pain.

Though you're gone, you seem so near,
In dreams, your love erases fear.
Each night I wait for you to stay,
To guide me through another day.

Your presence lingers, calm and warm,
A soothing light in every storm.
Through dreams, our bond remains strong,
A connection that will never be wrong.
Guidance in Dreams
Guidance in Dreams


This poem describes how dreams become a bridge where a mother offers guidance and comfort, keeping the bond alive even after she’s gone. It highlights the deep connection and the reassurance found in these dream visits.

Inspiration Behind

I was inspired by how dreams often provide a sense of comfort and connection to loved ones who have passed. They can offer a space where advice and love continue to flow, bridging the gap between realms.

End Words

These Poems from Mom in Heaven reflect the enduring connection between a mother and child, even after death. Through dreams, nature, and memories, a mother’s love continues to offer guidance, comfort, and reassurance, reminding us that such bonds transcend physical presence.

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