My Love Is Like a Red Rose Poem
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My Love Is Like a Red Rose

In bloom, my love, a rose so red,
Its petals soft, where dreams are led.
Bright under skies, in sun's embrace,
It thrives in light, with tender grace.

Each thorn it bears, a guard so true,
For love that's pure, and ever new.
In morning's glow, in evening's close,
It stands, my love, this perfect rose.

Through storms, it sways, but does not break,
A symbol strong, for our love's sake.
Its fragrance sweet, a call so clear,
To hearts that hold, this love so dear.

And when the petals gently fall,
Our love remains, through it all.
So like the rose, my love does prove,
In every shade, it's you I love.
The Red Rose in Full Bloom
The Red Rose in Full Bloom


My Love Is Like a Red Rose poem celebrates the enduring and beautiful nature of love through the metaphor of a red rose. Each stanza highlights different aspects of the rose, such as its beauty, strength, and the sweet fragrance it emits, drawing parallels to the characteristics of a deep, abiding love. The poem emphasizes that, much like the rose that thrives under the sun and withstands storms, true love remains strong and sweet in both good times and bad. The closing lines affirm that, just as the rose’s beauty is ever-present, the speaker’s love is unwavering and all-encompassing.

Inspiration Behind

I was inspired by the timeless beauty of roses and how they’re often symbols of love. I thought about how a rose isn’t just beautiful; it’s resilient, thriving in the light and weathering the storms. This became a metaphor for love in my mind – beautiful, enduring, and ever-present. I wanted the poem to reflect these qualities, painting a picture of love as something that, like a rose, stands strong and spreads beauty, no matter the circumstances.

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