Snow Poem 9

Snow Poem 9

Under the cloak of the winter night,
A silent world, beneath the pale moonlight.
Snowflakes drift, in a graceful descent,
A veil of peace, from the heavens sent.

The fields lie still, under winter's spell,
A story of silence, they softly tell.
Not a creature stirs, in the hush so deep,
As the earth itself, seems to sleep.

Yet, in this quiet, there's a subtle shift,
A flicker of shadows, as snowdrifts lift.
The dance of the northern lights, so bright,
Illuminating the sky, in the darkest night.

Far off, a cabin, with its light so warm,
A beacon of hope, in the winter's storm.
Inside, a fire crackles with cheerful blaze,
Countering the cold, with its glowing gaze.

As dawn breaks, the world awakes,
To the beauty of the snow, and the shapes it makes.
Every tree, every leaf, adorned with frost,
In the light of the sun, no detail lost.
Pale moonlight and the northern lights in winter
Pale moonlight and the northern lights in winter
Cozy interior of a warm cabin
In contrast, a cozy interior of a warm cabin


Snow Poem 9” evokes the serene and mystical atmosphere of a winter landscape at night, emphasizing the quiet beauty and stillness that snow brings. It touches on the contrast between the silent, almost motionless outdoor world and the warm, lively spaces people create in response to the cold. The poem captures the magic of the northern lights as a natural phenomenon that adds wonder to the winter night, symbolizing hope and beauty amidst the darkness. It concludes with the dawn, highlighting the transformative power of sunlight to reveal the intricate details and beauty of a snow-covered world.

Inspirations Behind

The inspiration for “Snow Poem 9” came from a late-night walk in the countryside during winter. The profound silence of the snow-covered fields, illuminated only by the moon and the occasional glimmer of the northern lights, created a moment of peace and introspection. The warmth observed from the windows of distant cabins contrasted with the cold outside, offering a sense of comfort and resilience. This poem is an ode to the quiet majesty of winter nights, the awe-inspiring spectacle of the aurora borealis, and the simple yet profound beauty of the snow-draped landscape at dawn.

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