Snow Poem 10

Snow Poem 10

Upon the whisper of winter's sigh,
A canvas blank, beneath the sapphire sky,
Snowflakes descend, in a gentle throng,
To the earth below, where they belong.

The pine trees stand, in stoic rows,
Adorned in white, from crown to toes,
A hush falls over the wooded glen,
Nature's pause, felt deep within.

Footprints emerge, on the snowy floor,
A tale of passage, from door to door,
Each step a mark, of life's embrace,
A journey through winter's delicate grace.

In the heart of night, a cold, clear view,
Stars twinkle above, in a sky so true,
Their light, a guide, for those who roam,
Through winter's chill, seeking home.

With the dawn, comes a radiant glow,
Illuminating the world below,
Snow-covered hills, in morning's light,
Sparkle and gleam, in a breathtaking sight.
Snow-covered hills illuminated by the first light of dawn
Snow-covered hills illuminated by the first light of dawn


Snow Poem 10” paints a picture of the serene beauty and quiet majesty of a snow-covered landscape. It begins with the peaceful descent of snowflakes, setting the scene for a world transformed by winter’s touch. The poem celebrates the stillness and beauty of nature, the solitary journey through a winter wonderland, and the guiding light of the stars in the cold night. It concludes with the arrival of dawn, bringing warmth and light to the snow-covered hills, highlighting the cyclical nature of day and night and the continuous dance between light and shadow.

Inspirations Behind

Inspired by a serene morning after a night of snowfall, “Snow Poem 10” captures the awe and wonder that a fresh snow brings. The sight of pine trees covered in snow, the quietness of a wooded glen, and the pristine condition of the snow-covered ground offered a moment of reflection on the beauty and tranquility of winter. The poem is a tribute to those quiet moments of introspection and the simple beauty that can be found in the natural world, especially under the enchanting spell of winter.

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