Snowball poem


In a world awash with winter's hue,
A sphere of snow, small and true,
Rolled through the whispering, white expanse,
Embracing each flake in its silent dance.

It grew in size, a rolling tide,
Gathering dreams that winter hides,
Each layer a story, a frozen thought,
Of battles fought and lessons taught.

Through the pines, it wove its path,
A gentle giant, spurred by nature's math,
In its core, the warmth of yesterdays,
Preserved in cold, in winter's embrace.

Atop a hill, it paused to rest,
A monument in snow, nature's guest,
Gazing upon the twilight's glow,
The snowball shimmered, in peace, aglow.

As stars alight, the heavens' eyes,
The snowball's journey, under frosty skies,
Reminds us of the simple joy,
In winter's gift, a timeless toy.


Snowball” captures the mesmerizing journey of a simple snowball as it traverses through a winter landscape. This poem brings to life the snowball’s growth, not just in size but in its collection of stories and experiences. It is a reflection on the beauty and simplicity of nature, emphasizing how even the smallest elements can carry profound significance. The poem ends with the snowball at rest, symbolizing a moment of tranquility and wonder under the starlit sky.

Inspirations Behind

As I crafted “Snowball,” I was inspired by a vivid memory from my childhood. I remember watching a snowball grow larger as it rolled down a hill, mesmerized by its simple, yet profound transformation. This memory stayed with me, a symbol of growth, resilience, and the pure joy found in nature’s simplest acts. The snowball’s journey is a metaphor for life’s experiences, each layer representing a story, a lesson learned. As I penned each line, I felt a deep connection with nature and the universal truths it quietly reveals.

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