Snowbound poem


In a realm where winter whispers,
Under skies of alabaster light,
Lies a world, snowbound and hushed,
Cradled in the arms of the night.

Veils of white drape every bough,
Fields asleep beneath the snow,
Nature's heart beats soft and slow,
In the calm of the snowbound's glow.

Houses nestled, smoke rising thin,
A gentle life stirs within,
Warmth flickers by the hearth's side,
In snowbound homes, where dreams reside.

In this quiet, frozen time,
Footprints weave a lonely rhyme,
A testament of life's slow dance,
In the grip of winter's trance.


Snowbound poem paints a serene picture of a world enveloped in snow, conveying a sense of peace and stillness that winter brings. The poem describes the quiet beauty of a landscape draped in snow, where life moves gently amidst the cold. It also touches on the warmth and comfort found within homes during this frozen time, contrasting the outdoor stillness with the gentle stirrings of indoor life. This poem is an ode to the quiet moments of winter, capturing both its calm solitude and cozy intimacy.

Inspirations Behind

While writing “Snowbound,” I was inspired by the tranquil moments experienced during a heavy snowfall in my hometown. The way the snow transformed everything into a silent, white wonderland always fascinated me. The contrast between the hushed, snowy outdoors and the warm, lively indoors sparked my imagination. This poem is a reflection of those moments of peaceful solitude and the comforting warmth of home that winter uniquely offers.

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