Man from Snowy River

Man from Snowy River

In the valley where whispers dance with the breeze,
Where rivers chant tales of olden freeze,
There lived a man, heart bold and never dim,
Echoes of the Snowy River sang through him.

His steed, like a shadow swift and grand,
Leapt through the vistas of this ancient land.
With each hoofbeat, a story unfurled,
Of a bond unbroken by the world.

Amidst the gums, under southern skies so vast,
Their spirits roamed free, echoes of the past.
In the hush of dawn, in the twilight's shiver,
Resided the soul of the man from Snowy River.

His eyes, alight with the fire of the wild,
Spoke of journeys, untamed and undefiled.
Through mists and storms, his path he wove,
In the land where mountain echoes rove.

Yet, as stars blanket the night in their glow,
Whispers of time bid farewell to the snow.
Still, in the heart of the highland heaver,
Lives the legend, the man from Snowy River.


The poem Man from Snowy River beautifully captures the essence of the Australian highlands and the indomitable spirit of a man whose life is intertwined with the legendary Snowy River. It portrays the adventures and deep connection with nature that this man and his horse experience, highlighting their freedom and resilience. The poem is a tribute to the enduring spirit of adventure and the timeless beauty of the natural world.

Inspirations Behind

While composing “Man from Snowy River,” I was inspired by the majestic beauty of the Australian highlands and the legendary figure known as the man from Snowy River. I imagined the untamed landscapes and the deep, unspoken bond between the man and his horse, representing a harmonious existence with nature. The poem became a celebration of the spirit of adventure and a reflection on the tales whispered by nature to those who wander her realms.

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