First Mother’s Day Alone poem
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First Mother’s Day Alone

Today, the flowers seem to bow,
Colors muted under sorrow’s shroud.
The cards lay still upon the table,
Unread verses, emotions unable.

Sunlight streams, but lacks its glow,
Shadows longer than they ought to show.
Morning tea cools in its cup,
Silent toasts to memories brought up.

A smile forced, through tears that fall,
Her laughter echoes off the walls.
Alone, I hold the gifts we'd share,
Each one wrapped with past care.

Pain and pride, intertwined,
Her strength in me, forever signed.
Though she’s gone, her love stays near,
First Mother’s Day alone, yet she’s here.
The dejected woman thinking about her mom
The dejected woman thinking about her mom


First Mother’s Day Alone is a poem for a mom who has died. It reflects the complex emotions experienced during the first Mother’s Day without a mother. It captures the bittersweet reality of continuing to celebrate her life amidst the pain of her absence, emphasizing the ongoing influence of her love and strength.

Inspiration Behind

This poem was inspired by the poignant reality many face during significant firsts without loved ones. It explores how traditions and memories can serve both as a source of pain and a comforting reminder of enduring bonds, even in absence.

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