Poems About a Mother Dying

Poems About a Mother Dying

I am Losing My Mom

Soft breaths fading,
A dimming light, serene,
Her hands once warm,
Now gentle, cold, unseen.

Mom's laughter echoes,
In rooms now silent, bare,
Her stories linger,
In the air, everywhere.

Tears trace the paths,
Of love's deep grooves worn,
I am losing my mom,
In dawn's pale mourn.

Yet in each sunrise,
Her smile I see glow,
In winds, whispers,
Mother’s love, it still flows.
My mom is terminally ill
My mom is terminally ill


This poem captures the poignant and painful experience of witnessing a mother’s passing. It emphasizes the sensory memories left behind—her warmth, laughter, and stories. The imagery of the dawn reflects the ongoing cycle of life and loss, suggesting a subtle continuity of her presence through nature.

Inspiration Behind

I drew from the universal experience of loss, aiming to convey the depth of emotion and the stark reality of losing a mother. The focus on natural elements, like sunrise and wind, aims to provide a comforting reminder that her essence persists in the beauty of the world around us.

Stay with Me, Mom!

Stay with me, Mom!
Your voice, a fading song,
Gentle hand, slipping away,
How can I carry on?

The clock ticks, relentless,
Your breaths, a softer sigh,
Stay, just a moment more,
I'm not ready for goodbye.

Through tear-blurred eyes,
Your smile, my steadfast dawn,
Stay with me, Mom!
Stay, until the night is gone.
Relentless passage of time
Relentless passage of time


This poem expresses the deep yearning and desperation felt during the final moments with a dying mother. It captures the emotional conflict of wanting to hold on to every last second while facing the inevitable loss. The poem portrays time as both enemy and companion in these final moments.

Inspiration Behind

The poem was inspired by the universal experience of losing a loved one, specifically the poignant plea for more time with someone who is about to pass away. It’s a reflection on love, loss, and the painful process of letting go, infused with personal emotions and shared human experiences.

Why is Life so Short, Mama?

Why is life so short, Mama?
Questions hang in quiet air,
Each tick a thunder, loud, unfair,
As shadows stretch on walls, bare.

Your hand in mine feels light,
Drifting like leaves in fall,
"Why so soon?" I softly call,
Your silence speaks to all.

Candles flicker, fade to black,
Memories dance, then stay,
Why must you go away?
Life's song too brief to play.
The looming presence of loss
The looming presence of loss


This poem delves into the existential grief of losing a mother, focusing on the questions and emotions stirred by the brevity of life. It highlights the pain of impending loss and the poignant search for understanding in the face of mortality.

Inspiration Behind

Inspired by the universal challenge of grappling with the shortness of life, this poem aims to voice the inner turmoil and confusion one feels when faced with losing a loved one. It reflects on the quiet moments of connection and the harsh reality of life’s fleeting nature.

End Words

These Poems About a Mother Dying tenderly explore the theme of loss, specifically the profound sorrow of losing a mother. Through evocative imagery and poignant reflections, each piece captures the raw emotions and existential questions that surface during such a time. The accompanying watercolor images enhance the themes, offering visual echoes of the poems’ sentiments. Together, the poems and paintings gently acknowledge the pain of farewell while honoring the enduring impact of maternal love.

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