Flower in God's Garden
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Flower in God’s Garden

In fields divine, a bloom did stand,
Under the watch of a gentle hand.
Not a sound, nor a grand display,
Just grace, in light's array.

Tender care, from sky to root,
In soil sacred, it took its shoot.
A hue so bright, 'neath heaven's gaze,
In God's garden, it spends its days.

Petals soft, in sun's embrace,
A quiet corner, its sacred space.
In every breath, a prayer's start,
A flower grows, in God's own heart.
The solitary graceful flower
The solitary graceful flower


This poem captures the essence of a solitary flower thriving under divine surveillance, symbolizing purity, grace, and the natural connection between creation and the creator. Each line portrays the serene and blessed existence of the flower, emphasizing the idea of being nurtured and cherished in a space where every element is touched by divinity. The flower stands as a testament to the beauty and tranquility found in God’s creation, offering a silent prayer through its mere existence.

Inspiration Behind

I envisioned a tranquil field under a soft, morning sky. The idea came to me while watching the sun rise, casting its gentle light on a lone flower. I imagined this flower not just as a part of the earth, but as a piece of a larger, divine tapestry. The thought of such simplicity and purity being watched over by a loving presence filled me with a sense of peace. It reminded me of the quiet moments when we feel most connected to something greater than ourselves.

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