From Blossom Poem
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From Blossom

From blossom to the earth's embrace it falls,
A gentle journey through the quiet air.
Each petal's end, the ground softly calls,
Nature's cycle, a dance of care and flair.

In this passage, life's transient beauty shows,
As blooms give way to seeds, new life to sow.
The ebb and flow, a rhythm that it knows,
From vibrant hues to earthy tones it goes.

Yet, in this end, a promise lies in wait,
For from the soil, new sprouts will surely rise.
The cycle turns, with neither haste nor hate,
Under the vast, unending skies.

From blossom's fall, a lesson clear and deep,
In nature's arms, no true end, but sleep.
The Gentle Fall and Spring Begins
The Gentle Fall and Spring Begins
Full bloom is the continuity of nature
Full bloom is the continuity of nature


“From Blossom” is a sonnet that delves into the natural cycle of life, portraying the journey of a blossom from its peak to its fall, and the promise of new life that follows. This poem captures the essence of change and renewal inherent in nature, presenting the fall of petals not as an end but as a precursor to rebirth. It celebrates the continuous and graceful flow of life, emphasizing the beauty and resilience found in the natural world’s cycles.

Inspiration Behind

The inspiration for “From Blossom” came from observing the serene, yet profoundly significant, cycle of a flower’s life. This sonnet is a reflection on the delicate balance of life, the inevitable transitions, and the beauty that lies in each phase. It is a tribute to the resilience and perpetual renewal found in nature, aiming to remind us of the lessons we can learn from the simple, yet intricate, processes that surround us.

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