Hibernation Poems for Preschool
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Hibernation Poems for Preschool

Hibernation Time

In a cozy den, under the snow so white,
A little bear sleeps, away from the light.
Dreaming of spring, with flowers so bright,
Through the cold winter, he's out of sight.

Wrapped in a blanket of earth and leaf,
He breathes so softly, in gentle relief.
Outside the wind whispers, a chilly motif,
But inside his dreams, there's no sign of grief.

When the sun returns, to melt the snow,
Our little bear wakes, ready to go.
He yawns and stretches, slow and slow,
To greet the springtime, with a warm hello.


This short poem encapsulates the essence of hibernation through the eyes of a little bear. It’s a gentle narrative that takes preschoolers on a journey from the bear’s cozy den, through his winter-long slumber, and into the awakening to the warmth of spring. The poem aims to convey the natural cycle of hibernation in a way that is accessible and engaging for young children, blending elements of nature with a touch of whimsy.

Inspirations Behind

As I crafted this poem, I imagined myself as the little bear, nestled snugly in my den, shielded from the winter’s chill. I drew inspiration from the peacefulness that envelops the forest during winter, picturing the silent, snow-covered landscapes and the magic of the changing seasons. My goal was to share this sense of wonder and tranquility with preschoolers, hoping to spark their curiosity about the natural world and the fascinating phenomenon of hibernation.

Two little hibernating squirrels

Sleepy Squirrels

In a tiny nest, in the tallest tree,
Two little squirrels, as snug as can be.
Wrapped in a hug, with tails curled tight,
They snooze through the day, and all through the night.

Leaves rustle softly, in the breeze so mild,
Nature's lullaby, for each sleepy child.
Dreams of acorns, and games to play,
Keep them smiling, till the break of day.

When the flowers bloom, and the ice melts away,
They'll stretch and they'll yawn, and go out to play.
But for now, they rest, without any peep,
In their cozy nest, they're fast asleep.


This poem takes preschoolers into the heart of a tall tree where two little squirrels hibernate through the winter. It’s a story of warmth, friendship, and the anticipation of spring’s arrival. The rhythmic verses aim to convey the comfort and security of the squirrels’ nest, offering a glimpse into the simple, yet magical aspect of hibernation and the cycle of seasons.

Inspirations Behind

I envisioned myself as one of the little squirrels, nestled high up in a tree, feeling the gentle sway of the branches and the warmth of my sibling by my side. The inspiration came from observing the quiet, yet profound changes in nature as it prepares for winter. I wanted to capture the beauty of this seasonal shift and the intimate moments of rest and renewal that hibernation brings. It’s a reminder of the connections we share with all living things and the cyclical nature of life.

End Words

The Hibernation Poems for Preschool, “Hibernation Time” and “Sleepy Squirrels”, weave together the enchanting stories of winter’s rest and spring’s awakening, capturing the hearts of preschoolers with tales of a little bear and two tiny squirrels. Through gentle verses, they explore the themes of comfort, friendship, and the natural cycles of the seasons, inviting young minds into the cozy dens and high-perched nests of hibernating creatures. The accompanying watercolor paintings bring these narratives to vivid life, illustrating the serene beauty of winter’s embrace and the vibrant renewal of spring. These creations serve not only as a poetic exploration of the wonders of nature but also as a visual celebration of the warmth and joy that friendship and new beginnings bring.

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