July in Appalachia
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July in Appalachia

Mountains high, valleys low,
Appalachia’s summer glow.
Forests green and skies so blue,
July’s magic, nature’s view.

Streams that sing, cool and clear,
Whispers of the wild, we hear.
Fresh air fills our grateful lungs,
Nature’s song, forever sung.

Fields of flowers, colors bright,
Morning mist and golden light.
Birds in chorus, bees in flight,
Every day, a new delight.

Trails that wind through wooded hills,
Quiet moments, nature’s thrills.
July brings a joy profound,
Appalachia’s beauty found.
Appalachian Summer
Appalachian Summer


July in Appalachia poem celebrates the natural beauty and serene joys of living in Appalachia during July, highlighting the landscapes, wildlife, and tranquil moments.

Inspiration Behind

I imagined the picturesque scenes of Appalachia in July. The lush forests, clear streams, and vibrant wildlife. The peace and beauty of this region inspired this poem.

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