Kindergarten Snowflake Poem

Kindergarten Snowflake Poem

The Dance of the Snowflakes

In the sky, so high and bright,
Snowflakes dance, a wondrous sight.
Each one unique, like a star in the night,
Twirling and swirling, in the moon's soft light.

They whisper down, without a sound,
Covering the earth, all around.
A blanket of white, so fluffy and light,
Making the world a magical sight.

Snowflakes like lace, in a gentle embrace,
Landing on noses, in a playful chase.
In the morning sun, they sparkle and glow,
A wintery wonderland, below.

So when snowflakes fall, let's go out and play,
In this snowy wonder, let's laugh and sway.
For each snowflake's a gift, from the sky so blue,
A winter's kiss, for me and for you.


This kindergarten snowflake poem, “The Dance of the Snowflakes,” celebrates the beauty and joy of snowflakes falling from the sky. It describes how each snowflake is unique and creates a magical, wintery wonderland. The poem is designed to be easily understood and enjoyed by young children, with its simple language, rhymes, and imagery that evoke the playfulness and wonder of a snowy day.

Inspirations Behind

I was inspired to write “The Dance of the Snowflakes” while watching the gentle fall of snow through a window, thinking about how enchanting this experience can be for young children. I wanted to create a poem that encapsulates the magical feeling of seeing snow for the first time, the joy of catching snowflakes, and the beauty of a world transformed by a snowy blanket. This poem is a celebration of those small, yet magical moments that make winter so special for children.

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