Snow Poem 4

Snow Poem 4

Beneath the cloak of winter's night,
The world lies hushed, the moon so bright.
A canvas spread, untouched, pristine,
A landscape wrapped in silvery sheen.

The river, still, beneath ice's hold,
Reflects the stars, bold, yet cold.
Around, the pines, in snowdrifts deep,
Guard secrets that the shadows keep.

A fox treads softly, leaving behind
A trail of steps, so neatly lined.
Its amber eyes, a flicker, a glow,
A life ignited by the snow.

The air, crisp, with a whisper thin,
Carries the promise of a dawn to begin.
As night recedes, the horizon's light,
Hints at the day, beyond the night.

And so, the snow, a master's art,
Draws from the silence, a world apart.
Each flake, a breath, a word, a dream,
Weaving together the winter's theme.
Winter night landscape under a bright moon
Winter night landscape under a bright moon


Snow Poem 4” captures the quiet majesty and subtle dynamism of a winter landscape at night. It highlights the serene beauty of a world transformed by snow, from the stillness of a frozen river to the soft tread of a fox moving through the snow. The poem reflects on the intimate connection between the natural world and the cycle of day and night, emphasizing the promise of renewal that each dawn brings. Through this, it invites readers to find beauty and inspiration in the quiet moments of nature, where even the simplest scenes can reveal profound truths about life and continuity.

Inspirations Behind

Inspired by a late evening walk through a snow-covered forest, “Snow Poem 4” arose from the profound sense of peace and wonder that enveloped me. The way the moonlight reflected off the snow, casting everything in a mystical glow, and the sight of a solitary fox moving quietly through the landscape, left a lasting impression. It was a reminder of the world’s quiet beauty and the intricate interplay of life even in the coldest, seemingly still moments. This poem is a homage to those moments of silent reflection, where the world seems to pause, allowing us to witness the timeless dance of nature.

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