Winter scenario creating poetic vision
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Frosty Fables

Frosty fingers glide across the land,
Reaching every nook, every strand.
Over fields and forests, they roam,
Spinning tales in a chilly home.
Trees donned in white, a sight so grand,
Yielding to winter's gentle hand.
Winter scene of creating a vision of Frosty Fables


Frosty Fables” captures the magical transformation of the landscape under winter’s touch. Each line, starting with the letters of ‘FROSTY,’ conveys the enchanting spread of frost as it blankets the earth. The poem portrays nature’s surrender to the season’s beauty, celebrating the tranquil and picturesque scenery that winter brings.

Inspirations Behind

While creating this acrostic poem, I was mesmerized by the way frost transforms the environment. I envisioned its journey across the land, touching everything in its path. The sight of trees robed in frost, standing majestic and serene, sparked my imagination. This poem is a tribute to the quiet yet profound impact of winter, weaving stories in its frosty embrace.

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