Happy frogs dancing

Rain Dance

In the glistening dawn of the waking wetlands,
A solitary frog in anticipation stands.
With a sky so heavy, it promises to grant
The rhythmic wishes of the frog's rain dance.

He hops and leaps in an emerald trance,
Circles rippling where his feet chance.
Each movement a plea to the skies above,
For a downpour of life, of drops filled with love.

The clouds respond with a rolling drum,
A prelude to the rain's forthcoming hum.
And as the first drop breaks the silent expanse,
The wetland rejoices in the frog's rain dance.

Nature's choir joins in this water-borne fête,
Insects, birds, leaves in a swirl of pirouette.
The frog, the maestro in this verdant romance,
Commands the tempo of the rain's advance.

With every splash, with every prance,
He celebrates the storm's cadence.
In the deluge, he finds his inheritance,
The ancient ritual of the frog's rain dance.


Rain Dance” is a dynamic poem that embodies the vibrant life of the wetlands as a storm approaches. It depicts a frog performing an almost mystical dance, invoking the rainfall. The dance is both a celebration of life and a symbiotic call to nature, highlighting the interconnectedness of the frog with the coming rain. The imagery is rich with the frog’s movements creating ripples of influence in the wetlands, demonstrating the frog’s integral role in this ecosystem.

Inspirations Behind

The inspiration for “Rain Dance” came from the raw energy and life that thrives within wetland ecosystems, especially during the onset of rain. The frog, often seen as a harbinger of rainfall, is depicted as a dancer, a creature deeply in tune with its environment. I imagined the dance as a time-honored tradition, passed down through generations of frogs, as a celebration of the rains that sustain their world. The poem captures the essence of this dance as a harmonious interaction between the frog and the elements.

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