Mommy Loves You Poem

Mommy Loves You

My darling girl, your eyes so bright,
They fill my days and light my nights.
You came to me, a blessing true,
In every way, my heart chose you.

I once was lost, my path unclear,
So many doubts, so many fears.
But then you came, my little star,
And showed me love, both near and far.

The struggles faced, I can't deny,
Many nights, I’d sit and cry.
A single mom, the road was tough,
But your sweet smile made it enough.

I pledge to you, my love will stay,
Through every step, each night and day.
I'll guide you through this world so wide,
With you, my dear, I'll stand with pride.

We'll dream of futures, bright and bold,
Our stories yet remain untold.
We'll laugh and play, and sometimes fight,
But always end with hugs so tight.

In early years, my heart did ache,
But then you came, for love's own sake.
You brought me joy, a life renewed,
My precious child, I'm blessed with you.

Together we will face each storm,
Find comfort in each other’s warmth.
For in my heart, you'll always be,
The best of life, you gave to me.
Mother's Warmth
Mother’s Warmth
Journey Together
Journey Together


Mommy Loves You is a heartfelt dialogue between a mother and her daughter, emphasizing the profound love and connection they share. It reflects the mother’s journey through struggles and despair, finding fulfillment and strength through the presence of her child.

Inspiration Behind

I wrote this poem thinking of the resilient single mothers who find their greatest joy and purpose in their children. Their love and sacrifices are a testament to their strength. The lines capture the essence of their daily battles and the unwavering love they have for their kids.

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