Pagan Summerland poem

Pagan Summerland

In fields where golden sunlight plays,
Where endless warmth prolongs the days,

Soft breezes kiss the leaves so green,
In this world, all sorrows unseen.

Meadows dressed in flowers bright,
Dance beneath the moon's soft light.

Rivers weave through ancient trees,
Whose branches sway with whispered pleas.

Mountains stand with peaks of gold,
Guardians of this story told.

Children's laughter fills the air,
Joy unbound, without a care.

Stars like diamonds in the sky,
Twinkle as the nights drift by.

Birds sing melodies so sweet,
Where heaven and the earth do meet.

Echoes of the olden songs,
Through the air, it gently throngs.

Sunsets paint the world in hues,
Of purples, pinks, and fiery blues.

Peaceful waters, clear and deep,
Hold the dreams we wish to keep.

Time here flows without a seam,
Reality, a vivid dream.

Love and light, they intertwine,
In this place, so pure, divine.

Paths of silver, rivers wide,
Show the way, a gentle guide.

Memories of life remain,
Eased from all their worldly pain.

Harmony in every sound,
In this sacred, hallowed ground.

Forever in this land of light,
Days and nights are pure delight.

Soul’s journey finds its rest,
In Summerland, forever blessed.
Eternal Meadows
Eternal Meadows
Golden Peaks
Golden Peaks


Pagan Summerland poem captures the essence of an eternal, idyllic afterlife where peace, joy, and natural beauty abound. It depicts a place where time flows seamlessly, and the soul finds eternal rest and happiness, free from the pains of the mortal world.

Inspiration Behind

I drew inspiration from the concept of Summerland in Pagan beliefs. It’s a vision of a perfect afterlife. I imagined a place filled with endless summer days, natural beauty, and a sense of peace. The imagery of nature and joy came naturally as I wrote.

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