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Mommy, You Always Clean the Handprints

Mommy, you always clean the handprints,
From walls, from doors, from chair backs.
Tiny palms pressed in secret glee,
Ghosts of laughter, wild and free.

In your swipe, the colors blend,
Soft as whispers, love's amend.
But never gone, those prints remain,
In the corners of your smile, unstained.

Every wipe, a stroke of care,
Every smudge, a breath we share.
Mommy, in each cleaned-up mess,
Your love, a silent, soft caress.
Handprints on a white refrigerator (and on what not!)
Handprints on a white refrigerator (and on what not!)
Mommy is smiling at the handprints
Mommy is smiling at the handprints


The poem “Mommy, You Always Clean the Handprints” captures the essence of motherhood through the metaphor of cleaning up after a child’s playful misadventures. Each stanza reflects on the simple yet profound acts of love expressed by a mother as she tidies up. The persistent handprints symbolize the enduring presence of childhood joy within a home, suggesting that while the marks may be cleaned away, the memories and emotional imprints they leave are indelible and cherished.

Inspiration Behind

I thought of how a mother tirelessly cares for her home, turning routine cleaning into acts of love. Each line I wrote brought me closer to understanding the silent language of care mothers often speak. As I pictured the handprints fading under her touch, I imagined the warmth and unspoken words shared in those everyday moments. Such acts, small yet significant, paint a picture of deep affection and dedication.

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