Mother Teresa Poems
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Mother Teresa Poems

Quiet Grace

In Kolkata's alleys, under searing sun,
She walked—a balm for those forgotten.
Each step light, each touch a healing wave,
In the margins, she found the souls to save.

Her hands, small worlds of mercy vast,
Turned humble meals into feasts to last.
Eyes that saw the hurt and the unspoken need,
A heart that moved with a selfless creed.

She wore simplicity, a robe of quiet grace,
Each wrinkle earned, each line a trace.
In the darkest nights, she was the flame,
Guiding the lost, in life's tough game.

A mother not by birth but by boundless love,
She taught the world to look above.
In tiny acts, her legacy's weave—
Simple lessons of love, she left to leave.
Mother Teresa amidst the lanes of Kolkata
Mother Teresa amidst the lanes of Kolkata


This poem celebrates the profound influence of Mother Teresa in the slums of Kolkata, focusing on her simple yet deeply impactful actions. Each line highlights her dedication to healing and helping the impoverished and sick, reflecting her philosophy that great love is shown through small deeds. The imagery of her as a guiding flame in darkness encapsulates her role as a beacon of hope and compassion.

Inspiration Behind

I envisioned Mother Teresa walking through the narrow, bustling lanes of Kolkata, her presence a soothing force amidst the chaos. The image of her hands, bearing the weight of her mission, inspired me to reflect on how such small gestures can leave deep, lasting impacts. I felt moved by her unwavering commitment to serve the least fortunate, her life a testament to the power of unconditional love.

Hands of Light

Mother Teresa’s hands wove threads of hope,
In shadows deep, her spirit spoke.
Each gesture small, yet boundlessly vast,
In silent streets, her kindness cast.

Her words soft as the morning dew,
Spoke love—her language, ever true.
Hands clasping hands, no words exchanged,
In simple silence, lives rearranged.

Through city’s cry and alley’s sigh,
Her mission lived beneath open sky.
A tapestry of human plight,
Softened by her touch so light.
Mother Teresa is a light in the darkness
Mother Teresa is a light in the darkness


This poem captures the essence of Mother Teresa’s mission, focusing on her tender and effective actions in bringing hope and love to those in desperate circumstances. It emphasizes the power of simple, loving gestures over words, illustrating how her physical touch and presence brought transformation and comfort to the lives she touched.

Inspiration Behind

I imagined the serene and purposeful movements of Mother Teresa as she navigated the challenging environments of Kolkata. Her ability to connect and bring peace through mere touch inspired me to depict her actions as weaving a tapestry of hope and humanity amidst the despair of the city’s poorest areas. Her quiet yet profound influence on people’s lives motivated me to write this tribute.

Ode to Mother Teresa

In slums she walked, a beacon bright,
Tending wounds in darkest night.
Compassion's flame, a steadfast guide,
Mother Teresa by our side.

With gentle hands, she soothed the pain,
In Calcutta's streets, love did reign.
Her legacy, a shining light,
Mother Teresa, pure and right.

In service true, her mission clear,
To ease the burden, dry each tear.
A saintly soul, her deeds attest,
Mother Teresa, we are blessed.
Mother Teresa is sitting on a doorstep in Kolkata
Mother Teresa is sitting on a doorstep in Kolkata


Ode to Mother Teresa” is a short-lined ode that pays tribute to the remarkable life and legacy of Mother Teresa. Through simple yet profound verses, the poem captures the essence of her selfless service and boundless compassion for the poor and suffering. It celebrates her unwavering commitment to humanity and her tireless efforts to bring comfort and healing to those in need, particularly in the slums of Kolkata.

Inspiration Behind

The inspiration behind writing this poem stems from a profound admiration for Mother Teresa’s unparalleled dedication to alleviating the suffering of the most vulnerable. Her selfless acts of kindness and unwavering commitment to serving the marginalized in the slums of Calcutta serve as a beacon of hope and compassion for humanity. This poem seeks to capture the essence of her extraordinary life and legacy, honoring her boundless love and reminding us of the power of empathy and service to others.

End Words

In conclusion, the Mother Teresa Poems dedicated to Mother Teresa encapsulate her enduring legacy of compassion and selflessness. Through simple yet profound verses, they honor her unwavering commitment to serving the poorest of the poor and offer a glimpse into the profound impact of her humanitarian work. These poems serve as reminders of her profound influence on humanity and inspire readers to emulate her virtues of love, kindness, and empathy in their own lives.

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