Deceased Mom Poems from Daughter

Deceased Mom Poems from Daughter

Unspoken Words from Daughter

I think of you often,
Moments we shared, moments we missed.
Your laughter echoes in my mind,
A melody that never fades.

There were things I wanted to say,
But the days slipped by.
I wish I had told you
How much I admired your strength.

I feel your absence in the quiet,
When the world slows down.
Your advice lingers,
Guiding me still.

Regret weighs heavy,
For words left unspoken.
I hope you knew,
How deeply you were loved.

In dreams, we speak,
You smile, understanding.
In my heart, your spirit lives on,
A light that never dims.
Echoes of Laughter
Echoes of Laughter


This poem expresses a daughter’s heartfelt emotions for her deceased mother. It captures the pain of unspoken words and the deep love and admiration she holds, despite the loss.

Inspiration Behind

Losing a mother leaves an unfillable void. I imagined a daughter reflecting on the things she never said, feeling both the weight of loss and the enduring presence of her mother’s spirit.

Guardian Angel

Mom, I feel you with me,
In the quiet moments,
When life gets heavy,
Your presence calms me.

I see you in the sunsets,
In the gentle breeze,
Whispering strength to me,
Guiding my steps.

There are days I miss you,
More than words can say.
But then I remember,
You’re never far away.

You watch over me,
A guardian angel,
Silent but strong,
Always near.

Your love surrounds me,
In every laugh and tear.
I carry you with me,
In my heart, always here.
Silent Guardian
Silent Guardian


This poem conveys a daughter’s belief that her deceased mother watches over her as a guardian angel. It reflects the comfort, strength, and enduring love she feels despite her mother’s physical absence.

Inspiration Behind

I wrote this thinking about the profound bond between mothers and daughters. Even in loss, the connection remains, providing solace and strength. This poem is a tribute to that everlasting presence.

Timeless Love

Your love, a constant star,
Guiding me through darkest nights.
Even though you're gone,
Your presence still ignites.

Moments shared, memories kept,
In every laugh and tear.
You taught me strength,
And to hold you near.

As your daughter, I feel you,
In every breath I take.
Your love, undying,
With each dawn I wake.

Forever in my heart,
Your spirit lives on strong.
Timeless love, unending,
Through life, you belong.
Guiding Star
Guiding Star


This poem captures the enduring love a daughter feels for her deceased mother. It highlights the mother’s lasting influence and presence, symbolizing a love that transcends death.

Inspiration Behind

I was inspired by the eternal bond between a mother and daughter. Even after loss, the love remains a guiding force, offering strength and comfort through life.

Morning Mourning

Each morning brings a fresh new tear,
The dawn reminds me you’re not here.
I watch the sun rise in the sky,
And feel the pain of our goodbye.

The light that breaks through darkest night,
Can't fill the void or make things right.
As your daughter, I stand strong,
But mornings without you feel so wrong.

Your love was like the morning dew,
So pure and gentle, ever true.
Now every dawn, I mourn the past,
Wishing your presence could still last.

Though time moves on and seasons change,
The morning light feels cold and strange.
In every sunrise, grief is born,
I face each day with silent mourn.
Silent Mourn
Silent Mourn


This poem reflects a daughter’s grief at the start of each new day, mourning the loss of her mother with every sunrise. It captures the enduring pain and longing that accompanies the dawn.

Inspiration Behind

I was inspired by the poignant reality that grief doesn’t fade with time. Each new day can renew the sense of loss, especially for a daughter missing her mother’s presence.

End Words

Deceased Mom Poems from Daughter reflect the enduring love and deep grief a daughter feels for her deceased mother. Through vivid imagery and heartfelt expressions, they capture the pain of loss, the comfort of memories, and the belief in a lasting, spiritual connection.

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