Preschool Snowman Poems

Preschool Snowman Poems

Snowman’s Playtime

In a world so white and bright,
Stands a snowman, pure delight.
With a carrot nose, so long and neat,
And coal-black eyes, oh so sweet!

Buttons down his chest, in a tidy row,
A scarf around his neck, in the winter glow.
Stick arms stretched out, ready for a hug,
On his snowy head, a cozy woolen snug.

He watches children play, with glee and cheer,
Their laughter and joy, he holds so dear.
They dance around him, in circles they twirl,
Creating magic, in the winter whirl.

At night, under the twinkling starry lace,
The snowman dreams in his chilly embrace.
Of sunny days and melting fears,
But for now, he loves the snowflake tears.


Snowman’s Playtime” is a joyful depiction of a snowman’s presence in a winter wonderland. This poem captures the enchantment of children playing around a snowman, emphasizing the happiness and innocence of these moments. The snowman, adorned with familiar features, stands as a symbol of winter’s magic and the simple joys of childhood.

Inspirations Behind

As I wrote “Snowman’s Playtime,” I envisioned the excitement in the eyes of preschoolers as they play in the snow. The snowman, with his carrot nose and coal-black eyes, became a silent companion in their games. I imagined him basking in the laughter of the children, feeling a part of their joyous world. The poem reflects the purity and simplicity of these playful moments, a tribute to winter’s gentle wonders.

Mysterious snowman at night

Mr. Snowman’s Secret

Mr. Snowman, round and tall,
In the winter, he won't fall.
Wearing a hat, oh so grand,
Standing proud, on snowy land.

With a smile made of pebbles, so small,
He greets the sun, and the snowflakes that fall.
At night, when the world is asleep,
Mr. Snowman has secrets to keep.

He winks at the moon, so high above,
Sharing secrets with the stars, tales of love.
He dreams of spring, with flowers in bloom,
But loves the snow, his winter's groom.

When morning comes, he's still and bright,
Glistening in the sun's first light.
Children giggle, seeing his grin,
Mr. Snowman's day begins again.


Mr. Snowman’s Secret” is a playful and mysterious poem about a snowman’s life through day and night. It portrays the snowman as a quiet observer of the natural world, sharing secrets with the moon and stars, and dreaming of other seasons, yet content in his winter setting.

Inspirations Behind

While crafting “Mr. Snowman’s Secret,” I imagined a snowman as a magical figure who comes to life when everyone’s asleep. The idea of him communicating with the moon and stars brought a sense of wonder and secrecy. This poem is inspired by the imaginative beliefs of preschoolers who often see life and stories in inanimate objects, especially in something as enchanting as a snowman under the night sky.

End Words

Both the Preschool Snowman Poems “Snowman’s Playtime” and “Mr. Snowman’s Secret” celebrate the whimsical charm and mystery of snowmen in winter. While “Snowman’s Playtime” captures the joy and playfulness of children interacting with a snowman during the day, “Mr. Snowman’s Secret” delves into the enchanting, secret life of a snowman under the starlit night sky. Together, these poems and their accompanying watercolor paintings evoke a sense of wonder, embodying the magical essence of winter through the eyes of a child. They highlight the snowman as a symbol of both the joy of the present moment and the quiet, dreamy mysteries of the night.

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