Winter morning poem

Winter Morning Poem

Gentle Yawn of Winter

Upon a frosty morn, so clear and bright,
Sunlight sparkles, a delightful sight.
Snow hugs the earth in a quiet embrace,
Winter whispers, the world's grace.

Trees stand in crystal splendor,
Branches dressed in white, oh so tender.
Breath in the air, a misty song,
In winter's chill, we belong.

Children's laughter, a merry tune,
Playing under the wintery moon.
A day begins with a gentle yawn,
On this serene winter dawn.
Gentle Yawn of Winter


This poem, “Gentle Yawn of Winter,” evokes the peacefulness of a winter morning, with the natural world slowly waking up under a blanket of snow. The imagery aims to transport preschoolers into a serene, wintry landscape filled with sparkling light and gentle sounds.

Inspirations Behind

The inspiration for this Winter Morning Poem comes from those quiet mornings where the world seems to stand still, covered in snow. The calmness of winter at dawn, especially when experienced through the innocent and excited eyes of children, stirs a sense of wonder and tranquility.

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